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  1. http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/acne/news/20110208/early-success-for-gel-that-treats-acne-scarsANYONE TRIED THIS???!!
  2. ylem


    I'm also wanting a nose job and am still on low dose accutane over fear of breaking out and scarring again. Can I get by with 3 months off of it before nose surgery w/out complications, and resume after 6 weeks? Is this what you did? how did u turn out?
  3. Ylem: What were the risks that the doctor gave you with silicone. Im curious if nothing else works for my nose scar if this is an option. I'd problably try semi pernement first but still wondering. Not sure about the nose. If you're only worried about a nose scars then you'll always be better off than I'll ever be, and I haven't had it injected into my nose. My doc is ramping me down to ultra low dose accutane at 10 mg, twice a week, and that is what I will be on long term. I was afraid of an IB and additional scarring all of these years which is what made me afraid to take the accutane again. I never received an IB, and to be honest, I think accutane is the best for avoiding additional scars. I wish I had known about a low dose option years ago that would have prevented the additional scarring I got. It also lets the silicone do its job because im not fighting scarring pustules and cysts any more, and best of all, I can go back to consuming as much dairy and milk as my heart desires. Now I indulge in butter, ice cream, alfredo sauces that used to induce cystic acne and subsequent scarring. Gosh, it's so much better not to have to check the labels on all of the foods i eat for any milk ingredients any more!!! My life is changing, and I can finally go back to focusing on working out too and getting ripped.
  4. to all who may consider silicone microdroplet, I find Dr Resnik to have the best balance between skill, conservatism and results. I think you really need to find a good doctor for this and use it as a long term treatment for depressed scars. If you want the best results on deep scars, then you need to have many many rounds over the course of a few years. It takes persistence to get those depressed sites elevated, but it does eventually work, just because it has to. I think ive had 5 so far with my doctor (lost count), and seven rounds with a previous one that was too conservative, and i am still working on further reducing the depressions. i will prbably have at least 5 more. i love it! id rather have a face pumped up, chok full of silicone and a system that always has accutane in it, than have those unsighjtly depressed scars that catch light and huge carbuncles with pus that have continuously generated pitted scarring throughout my years, and have consequently ripped my heart out of my chest. For the first time in my life in over 15 years I feel as if I finally have CONTROL over my skin to get it to look the way I want it to look.
  5. ylem


    very funny, and reason I never updated is because ive been waiting like that skeleton for him to get back to me, and i guess I will have to rot before that happens, considering it has been over 2 years.
  6. silicone microdroplet thus far has given me the most improvement in my rolling/depressed scars. I see Dr Resnik in Aventura, FL for it, and it has worked wonders for me. I also am on long term low dose accutane treatment (10 mg per day) and after many rounds of silicone and the accutant, my skin is 180 degrees for the better. That's what I love about silicone is that I can do it while on accutane, and I need to stay on accutane because I never stop breaking out. I have tried dermabrasion, deep fx, punch excisions, smootbeam, subcision, all w/ no results, but silicone has really been a lifesaver for me. I'm still not totally happy and will continue the silicone, but it is so much better, and IMHO it's the ONLY thing that works PERMANENTLY!
  7. Yes, Tricia...people, esp. newbies on the board, need to understand that acne scar treatment is a very long process and takes real financial and emotional investment. It's not over a period of a few months or even a few years. It takes more like a decade, if not more, to 'accumulate' enough improvement to where you really start to notice it consistently, and the scars begin to look better and better in harsh lighting. My scarring is still quite severe to me, just because I messed up and relapsed into eatin dairy and did not take accuatne again until last June. I have been on tan consistently, 80 mgs/day for 6 months, then 10 mgs/day for 2 more months, and low low dose ( 20 mgs/week) for as long as I can get my doc to prescribe it to me. I got more bad scarring around late 2009/early2010, almost 10 years after my initial course of accutane, which went up to 120 mgs per day. Unlike many on the board, I was fighting non-stop acne/whiteheads and occasional cysts nearly the entire time I've been posting here. That is until I figured out that dairy was the culprit. I can consume dairy in smaller quantities now with the help of accutane, but off of it I am having to check every single lable for any milk ingredients, and life just becomes too hard that way. It's nice to know I can have a bowl of ice cream once in a while because accutane will 'protect' my skin. I love accutane, and I never want to stop it. I know it sounds crazy, and my tear production is just about shot i've taken so much of it, but it's the only thing that works, and the silicone is the only thing that has helped with the deep depressions that the cysts left behind. Dysport is very strong. I cannot move any of my orehead muscle anymore and I love it. My forehead is so badly scarred, and the movement just exacerbates the appearance of the scarring, so I had to get it done. Nothing else worked, even silicone for my forehead scarring. Trust me when I say I have scarring EVERYWHERE. But, it's getting better, and I feel my appearance is becoming more 'manageable' I just hate those occasional sinking feelings when I catch bad lighting and my skin looks like Edward James Olmos.
  8. Updates...after many sessions of silicone and many months since I lasted posted here, I can say it has definitely reduced the depth and severity of my scarring. I am sticking with Dr Resnick for a long term treatment plan w mirodroplet and hope to have dermbrasion after. I am still on accutane (almost a year now), because I am afraid to breakout in scarring acne again. The accutane, of course, has definitely killed my stubborn acne for now. I have also been getting multiple Dysport (similar to botox injections) on my forehead to reduce the pitted scarring on my forehead that is made worse looking by movement. I have probably dropped another $10,000 over the last year becaus my income is alot better, but im draining myself financially over it. i am giving up all vacations, having children, etc. because I just can't feel happy enough until my scars are gone. I have so much silicone in my face now from dozens of microdroplet sessions with multiple doctors through the years that when I smile, my face has a very 'taught' and tough feeling. I don;t look unnatural tough, so that's all I care about. after im thru with silicone i will drop eating dairy, go off accutane so that I can start having many rounds of deep dermabraison with sandpaper and acid. I'm doing the very best of the best in acne scars treatments after trying laser (every kind), punch excisions, silicone w a bad doc, dermabrasion with yarborough (wish he was still around), subcision w a Nokor needle and deep fx, both of wish did nothing for me. Having spent so many tens of thousands of dollars on depressed acne scar treatment and fighting deep, disfiguring cystic acne for many, many years I can say that fighting it has hurt me so much financially as far as saving for retirement. I hope to soon be able to get on with saving and maybe doing some good deed for others instead of feeling like a total narcissist. As a veteran member, I'm officially coming out on this board as a gay man in my 30's, but did come out in my personal life as a kid in my teens. Like lots of gay men, I struggle with anxiety and depression and see a therapist to keep that under control. I bring this up because so many of you know me, and hopefully can understand how this feels for someone like me who has so many other issues to deal with. Fortunately though, as gloomy as this message seems, silicone w dr resnick has been my very best option. Nothing works quite like it, and i don't have as many of those real sinking feelings I used to get in the pit of my stomach when I catch bad lighting.
  9. I have been thinking about having botox on my forehead acne scars for a long, long time now. I have superimposed movement over acne scars, as in a confluent line. Not sure if this makes sense, but it's been there ever since my late teens/early 20s, and I'm wondering if relaxing the muscles there would make a difference in the look of the scars. Any thoughts?
  10. I don't seem to be seeing any results from my silicone. Perhaps I misjudged results too early, but I can now feel my depressions once again.
  11. ylem

    Can Severe Scarring Really Go Away?

    Im trying to be strong, but I am really at an all time low. I cried to my doctor today and he is going to talk to my psychiatrist. Im going back on Zoloft for depression. I was accepting of my scarring,but then I got another breakout that left more scars. I can't get my accutane prescription now because my fly-by-night company terminated the policy. Even the nurse today said she feels so sorry for me because of my scarring. The silicone, while initially seemed to help, does not to appear to have worked as I had hoped on my scars. Another 1800 spent and all that happens is my scars get worse.
  12. ylem

    Can Severe Scarring Really Go Away?

    You cannot markedly improve severe scarring. I just spent another 1800 on silicone microdroplet with the best doc in the country and my skin STILL looks horrible in the light. In fact, I cannot seem to keep my scarring from gradually getting worse due to breakouts I cannot eliminate. A first course of accutane at 120 mg a day for 9 months did not prevent more scarring from occurring. I am currently on a second course and plan to stay on accutane for LIFE. My doc says I can on low dose because every scar I get leaves a deep hole . The silicone, as I previously stated, helped make my deeper ones shallower somehwat, but I can unfortunately still feel them with the tips of my finges. Seems like some of the improvement I thought I had a few months ago dropped and some collagen was lost again there somehow. I am fighting harder than most people on this board having spent over $10,000 over the past two years and $30,000 overall and I can't get the improvement I want. I may take a knife to my skin and excise myself pretty soon. There's just no other option anymore, and I can take the pain.
  13. ylem

    ..just had DEEP FX yesterday!

    Ive done the non ablative thing, fraxel restore back in 2007. I did 8 rounds of that. It's really hard because you're fighting aging at the same time as the scar treatment, so your skin can't repair itself as well as you get older and your scars look worse. I also had a breakout last year that left new rolling scars in areas that were previously scar free, so ive been very upset with my skin lately. The silicone is the only thing that has really helped so far, but I still want more improvement because of the new scarring I got.
  14. ylem

    ..just had DEEP FX yesterday!

    Yea, I remember wishing I could have that the same day, but it just isn't offered anywhere around here. BTW...refer to my edit to make it clear that I had 2 rounds od Deep FX. There's a pciture of me right after the first one where I was red and swollen the first day somwhere around this forum. There were also numerous posts on youtube and other online sites, saying this did not work after 3 or more for some people and they deeply regretted it, so I felt I had to stop.
  15. ylem

    ..just had DEEP FX yesterday!

    I had this done initially for extenisive rolling acne scars on cheeks, temples and forehead in 9/2/2010 and had no results, unfortunately. I never had the money to keep going with i (after 2), and I stopped because there were reports from users who had it 2x and 3x for rolling scars and saw no results (talk with Ziko). I did not even see minimal results on my shallowest, newest scars and paid over 4 k for 2 Deep Fx's. Not sure, but maybe the doctor just did not go strong enough, but I also had subcision right before the same day, so I was really surprised with the outcome. My current silicone microdroplet doc is pushing the Repair on me and I'm not so sure, but I would think maybe now that my scars are so much shallower from the silicone (and I'm happier with it, though still depressed) I may try a series. I really can't afford the expense though, and it was too disheartening for me to continue, I remember. If you want multiple treatments (more than 3), be prepared to spend upwards of 7 to 10k, and results are not guaranteed. Check out lamfacialplastics.com forum. Dr Samuel Lam is a renowned cosmetic surgeon with extensive acne scarring background, and he is a staunch opponent of lasers for acne scars. He has many good literature and online forum to ask questions about why laser and resurfacing don't work for acne scars. I know it worked for Dudley somehow, but I haven't really noticed anyone else exalt over this, so just a warning to tread carefully before you keep dropping more hard earned. I'm still making payments on this procedure I had financed, and it kills me every month I have to send out a few hundred dollar check.