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  1. http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/acne/news/20110208/early-success-for-gel-that-treats-acne-scarsANYONE TRIED THIS???!!
  2. Ok, so I know I have been shooting this whole silicone thing down because I have not had decent improvement. Until just the last few days, I was not noticing anything substantial. Recently, the large, half inch sized crater has drmamtically started to level. When I feel the depression, it feels much shallower!! Cosmetically, I am still not happy, but there is a leveling effect occuring, though it does not look much better because the "imprint" of the depression is still there. Anybody who has do
  3. ylem


    I'm also wanting a nose job and am still on low dose accutane over fear of breaking out and scarring again. Can I get by with 3 months off of it before nose surgery w/out complications, and resume after 6 weeks? Is this what you did? how did u turn out?
  4. Ylem: What were the risks that the doctor gave you with silicone. Im curious if nothing else works for my nose scar if this is an option. I'd problably try semi pernement first but still wondering. Not sure about the nose. If you're only worried about a nose scars then you'll always be better off than I'll ever be, and I haven't had it injected into my nose. My doc is ramping me down to ultra low dose accutane at 10 mg, twice a week, and that is what I will be on long term. I was afraid of an I
  5. to all who may consider silicone microdroplet, I find Dr Resnik to have the best balance between skill, conservatism and results. I think you really need to find a good doctor for this and use it as a long term treatment for depressed scars. If you want the best results on deep scars, then you need to have many many rounds over the course of a few years. It takes persistence to get those depressed sites elevated, but it does eventually work, just because it has to. I think ive had 5 so far with
  6. ylem


    Can anyone describe this procedure in more detail. The online sources don't seem to describe it well. What instruments are used for the suctioning part. I know about the Nokor needles for the sibcicion part, but what does the suctioning do? Im in Denver, a shit city for acne scar treatment. Can I get it done here?
  7. ylem


    very funny, and reason I never updated is because ive been waiting like that skeleton for him to get back to me, and i guess I will have to rot before that happens, considering it has been over 2 years.
  8. silicone microdroplet thus far has given me the most improvement in my rolling/depressed scars. I see Dr Resnik in Aventura, FL for it, and it has worked wonders for me. I also am on long term low dose accutane treatment (10 mg per day) and after many rounds of silicone and the accutant, my skin is 180 degrees for the better. That's what I love about silicone is that I can do it while on accutane, and I need to stay on accutane because I never stop breaking out. I have tried dermabrasion, deep f
  9. Does anoyone think that you can get the most dramatic improvement in depressed acne scarring through using the microdroplet technique numerous times until the depressions are elevated close to the surrounding skin, followd by several sessions of dermbrasion by a wire brush to reduce the 'shadowing' remnant texture. I have noticed over the past several day I can feel my deep left cheek scars becoming shallower, but the cosmetic apppearance of my skin is at its absolute worst. I'm hoping it's just
  10. Yes, Tricia...people, esp. newbies on the board, need to understand that acne scar treatment is a very long process and takes real financial and emotional investment. It's not over a period of a few months or even a few years. It takes more like a decade, if not more, to 'accumulate' enough improvement to where you really start to notice it consistently, and the scars begin to look better and better in harsh lighting. My scarring is still quite severe to me, just because I messed up and relapsed
  11. Updates...after many sessions of silicone and many months since I lasted posted here, I can say it has definitely reduced the depth and severity of my scarring. I am sticking with Dr Resnick for a long term treatment plan w mirodroplet and hope to have dermbrasion after. I am still on accutane (almost a year now), because I am afraid to breakout in scarring acne again. The accutane, of course, has definitely killed my stubborn acne for now. I have also been getting multiple Dysport (similar to b
  12. I have been thinking about having botox on my forehead acne scars for a long, long time now. I have superimposed movement over acne scars, as in a confluent line. Not sure if this makes sense, but it's been there ever since my late teens/early 20s, and I'm wondering if relaxing the muscles there would make a difference in the look of the scars. Any thoughts?
  13. I don't seem to be seeing any results from my silicone. Perhaps I misjudged results too early, but I can now feel my depressions once again.
  14. ylem

    Can Severe Scarring Really Go Away?

    Im trying to be strong, but I am really at an all time low. I cried to my doctor today and he is going to talk to my psychiatrist. Im going back on Zoloft for depression. I was accepting of my scarring,but then I got another breakout that left more scars. I can't get my accutane prescription now because my fly-by-night company terminated the policy. Even the nurse today said she feels so sorry for me because of my scarring. The silicone, while initially seemed to help, does not to appear to have
  15. ylem

    Can Severe Scarring Really Go Away?

    You cannot markedly improve severe scarring. I just spent another 1800 on silicone microdroplet with the best doc in the country and my skin STILL looks horrible in the light. In fact, I cannot seem to keep my scarring from gradually getting worse due to breakouts I cannot eliminate. A first course of accutane at 120 mg a day for 9 months did not prevent more scarring from occurring. I am currently on a second course and plan to stay on accutane for LIFE. My doc says I can on low dose because ev
  16. ylem

    ..just had DEEP FX yesterday!

    Ive done the non ablative thing, fraxel restore back in 2007. I did 8 rounds of that. It's really hard because you're fighting aging at the same time as the scar treatment, so your skin can't repair itself as well as you get older and your scars look worse. I also had a breakout last year that left new rolling scars in areas that were previously scar free, so ive been very upset with my skin lately. The silicone is the only thing that has really helped so far, but I still want more improvement b
  17. ylem

    ..just had DEEP FX yesterday!

    Yea, I remember wishing I could have that the same day, but it just isn't offered anywhere around here. BTW...refer to my edit to make it clear that I had 2 rounds od Deep FX. There's a pciture of me right after the first one where I was red and swollen the first day somwhere around this forum. There were also numerous posts on youtube and other online sites, saying this did not work after 3 or more for some people and they deeply regretted it, so I felt I had to stop.
  18. ylem

    ..just had DEEP FX yesterday!

    I had this done initially for extenisive rolling acne scars on cheeks, temples and forehead in 9/2/2010 and had no results, unfortunately. I never had the money to keep going with i (after 2), and I stopped because there were reports from users who had it 2x and 3x for rolling scars and saw no results (talk with Ziko). I did not even see minimal results on my shallowest, newest scars and paid over 4 k for 2 Deep Fx's. Not sure, but maybe the doctor just did not go strong enough, but I also had s
  19. Has anybody had this in combo with fillers??? I heard another poster mention it recently and decided to google it. Here is what I found. http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_..._8/ai_n13826517 Here is another detailed synopsis of the instrument used for this procedure from maker's website: http://www.nutecint.com/wirescalpel.html Someone please tell me if it was effective!!! This could be the IDEAL treatment for my left cheek scars if it works. Who did yours? Where can I get it done? H
  20. ylem

    Silicone Microdroplet injectons

    Im just so sad (crying now) because Im trying to meet someone to share my life with and noone gives me the time of day. Like today I had someone look at me interested from a distance and when I got close they lost interest in me, and it happens so much. Because I have so many scars and they're so deep, they detract from my appearance so much. Im really reallly sad, so low right now. I thought this silicoen would give me my life back but I lost control when I had the aditional breakout last year
  21. ylem

    Silicone Microdroplet injectons

    You should see my other posts about this. It has helped, but it works very slow and I'm still very depressed over my skin because I had a recent breakout (last year) that left additional pitting that I can't seem to get rid of. That whole theory about fresh scars being easier to treat than old scars is nonsense. I'm also in alot of finanical trouble with credit cards because I've spent so much over the last year on scar treatments (one deep fx = 2500 + 2 silicone microdroplet = 1800), and not to
  22. ylem

    Fraxel Re:pair

    Personally I'm glad I stopped DEEP FX and decided to go back with silicone microdroplet with a more expereinced doc. My scars are dramatically shallower, and I don't think fractional laser would have been a cost effective option for me given the amount of time and money I would need to spend in 'hope' of seeing any improvement (which I never did after the first one). I am, however, considering it now that I have managed to level some of my deep scars with the surrounding skin more; I would like
  23. ylem

    Silicone and Microwaves

    yea right, and don't go out in the sun either because that's radiation, too. But, microwaves are very high frequency, I think, so more penetration. I did not ever get this weird dizzy, face-tingling feeling like I did this morning in front of my microwave. It was the most bizarre and unpleasant feeling. Right after I freaked and thought it was my silicone moving due to the vibrating/tingling feeling in my forehead and cheeks. I really hate microwaves, and hardly use them, but I find they cook ba
  24. Does anyone know if standing in front of the microwave after having silicone injected can cause migration of the silicone? I'm not asking so much about reaction, as the silicone is inert, but more about rapid vibration of the silicone beads from the radiation to the point where they can form microbursts and move to different parts of the face. Im asking because I was standing in front of a microwave that was running and I started to get very lightheaded and could feel a weird tingling sensation