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    Silicone and Microwaves

    Yes, and Im being totally serious about this. It was weird, like there was a tingling sensation in my face and I was starting to feel dizzy at the same time. I think it's probable microwave radiation could affect placement of some foreign material in the body. Like xrays of different wavelength, microwaves can pass right through you. Ill know in a couple weeks if my results reverse and worsen or if there are little lumps in other parts of my face. I am totally paranoid over this now.
  2. Im very concerned. Why hasn't he come back to update the thread? He must have not gotten any improvement after the microswelling went down.
  3. ylem

    Various Scar Treatments

    silicone microdroplet with dr resnick in aventura fl worked well for me
  4. Can anyone tell me if it is advisable to use a dermroller after silicone microdroplet? I'm afraid the needles puncturing the dermis will disrupt the placement of the silicone beads. I am very interested in trying this with my much shallower, yet still extensive scarring. Even with the good improvement ive seen, my skin still looks awful and beat up when I looked at my face through this handheld mirror at my derm's office today because I now have ALL OVER small scarring, some I never even knew I
  5. Tricia- Resnick is a great doctor at silicone because he has the artistic 'eye' combined with the right skill that good docs need to get good results. I know he's good because after only one round, I could see and feel the shallowing. I want additional resurfacing work to improve that 'beat up' look my skin still has in pictures and bad lighting.When I held the mirror at my doc's office after they wiped off the numbing cream and looked at my skin, I was shocked it still looked so bad. Every pa
  6. ylem

    Recommended Fillers For Rolling Scars

    Two words here: silicone microdroplet. It is permanent, safe, can be done during a lunch break and requires no down time. Thing is, you need to find a good doc for it. Otherwise, you could be left with lumps if they overfill. I use Dr Resnick.
  7. ylem

    Dermal Grafts

    Now this seems more plausible than that other subcision suction thing I was reading about in another thread. But, I still think our bodies 'eat up' most of what we put into them that was not there before. Who know, maybe not, but also, how do you get a doctor to do it where you aren't left with scarring worse than what you started with? This must be for deep saucers like what I had.
  8. uNTIL THIS BECOMES prominent (if ever) in the states and becomes more legit I will consider it, but I've given up after so much research trying to find a doc, so I am writing it off. Subcision never did anything for my rolling scars, so I don't believe suction will add any benefit. The whole 'pooling of blood' theory is what subcision alone was supposed to be all about. Personally, I think it's garbage. Besides, silicone with my new doc is working wonders! I know there will be a backlash of
  9. Has anyone tried this? I know silicone works well for rolling scars, as I am having it now and am seeing good results. However, I do know that silicone basically turns deep rolling scars into superficial scars. I have a strong feeling for trying a few good deep wire brush dermabrasions with Dr Yarborough, but I don't know if he really is still around. The guy has to be like 90 years old, or he stopped doing the dermabrasion. He was the best at them: http://www.uptowndermatologyandaesthetics....
  10. ylem

    Revisiting Dermabrasion

    I had very deep rolling scars to start with, so it was a mistake for me to have any ablative procedure before doing silicone with an experienced doc. I know now silicone will remove the depth to my scarring, but the 'look' can be further improved after that by dermabrasion, maybe even following that with this new Recell procedure everyone is babbling about to improve re-epithelialization. I think this combo is the best to eradicate rolling scars, so all you readers out there take note!
  11. ylem

    My Journey so Far. (BEFORE AFTER PICS)

    I agree. Ive had just one injection from an experienced doctor versus 7 from an inexperienced doctor and it makes a WORLD of difference. This is a tough procedure to do correctly. I know firsthand from expereince, and my doctor's father was trained by the original Dr Orentreich. But, when done right, it really is a miracle. I'm feeling so much better now. The improvement is holding. I can't wait for round 2 on the 25th because my forehead is REALLY bad and my left cheek still needs a couple more
  12. Well, I agree that maybe subsicion combined with something else MIGHT help a little, but I did subcision + DEEP FX combo and it did not work.
  13. ylem

    PMMA injections for acne scars worked

    Im having siliocne which i think produces a similar effect on the skin to replace the lost collegn at the depressed pock sites.
  14. There are two techniques- wire brush and diamond fraise, both are manual, as that is precisely what dermabrasion is. Be sure to make this clear as the wire brush technique is supposed to be superior to the diamond fraise for acne pitting.
  15. Did he do it with a wire brush?
  16. Ok, update. Things are looking much better. I just had a major 'shallowing of my big depressions over my left cheek. Cosmetically, there is a small difference in the appearance, but the physical depth is MUCH MUCH shallower. I think this doctor might just be what I needed for this and Rebellygrl was right about him. Lets hope this improvement stays. Quick fact: injected on the 24th of June, had swelling for 2 weeks that subsided and the depth of the scars was still the same before the injection.
  17. The silicone is definitely helping, not so much cosmetically as with depth. I am starting to have a harder time 'feeling' the depressions when before I could put my entire finger inside one. But, when I look at them using the back of a CD in my car during daylight, they all look hideously bad, just worse than ever :(It's just that the new scars I got on my right cheek are really bothering me. I caught bad lighting in a bathroom mirror on my right cheek, which used to look ok in bad lighting, an
  18. Update. No visible cosmetic improvement from deep-fx + subcision combo, but I've also been battlling recent breakouts that I went back on accuatne for. I'm doing silicone microdoplet again now.
  19. For all who have had either or both of these fractional laser treatments for pitted acne scarring, please comment on your estimated improvement and if you feel the treatment was worth it. Please also comment on how many treatments you've had and what type of scars you had and where you had them. Including some before and after photos in harsh lighting would also be ideal. I am trying to decide on Deep FX for severe rolling scars. Thanks!
  20. Yes, and he did not have an answer. I told him about all of my treatments. All he could do was look at me and say he thinks he could give me improvement. He said he would not willingly waste my wime and money if he thought it would not work. I do have new scars from recent breakouts, and it's all because of eating dairy, anything with milk in it will pit my skin. Yes, and he did not have an answer. I told him about all of my treatments. All he could do was look at me and say he thinks he could
  21. Ok, updating this thread. So far, 2 weeks post my first round (second series, different doctor) with silicone. I'm also taking accutane concurrently because I am getting even more pitted scarring due to recent cysts. I'm at breaking point (thought about doing it). I was ecstatic for the first couple weeks because there seemed to be improvement, but it was really just swelling and all my scars, even the new ones, came back and look very deep now I am not sure how much patience I can have anymore
  22. ylem

    acne scars and bdd .. need advice

    But that's just it. To me, nothing will work like silicone. Ive tried EVERYTHING else, no joke. And already this one silicone treatment from a highly experienced silicone injector seems to be giving me about 5 to 10% depth reduction. It's just all the new scarring I got since '08 that's so unbearable. How do you cope with scarring that gets WORSE? I'm on my second course of accutane since 11 years ago. Everyone keeps saying the second course is the magic bullet for the acne, but im not even sure
  23. ylem

    acne scars and bdd .. need advice

    I feel this way too though I am 31 and have never had a relationshio and have suffered with acne and depressed scarring that gets worse for over 10 years now. It ruined my life and I have never had any confidence. I do see a phsychiatrst and have been on many different antidepressent cocktails. Im on accutane once again and doing silicone but I am still dpressed because over the past year my permanent pitted scarring has gotten much worse and the existing scars I spent so many thousand to treat
  24. ylem

    subcision and rolling scars!

    I had this done aggressively in combination with DEEP FX last year and it did nothing for my rolling scars.
  25. I have thoroughly researched this before. Look at my other thread on this and you will not find a doctor in the US who peforms this procedure that Lajevardi (sp??) in Iran will do.