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    going to the gym, badminton, track and field, watching tennis open, play arcade, architecture, sleep sleep sleep, and continuing to attain good face complexion, acne free skin, Benzoyl Peroxide, this site as well :)
  1. thanks alot. i only have mild acne, but for now i have remained clear, i would be dying to get dans bp but unfortunately i cnt order online coz i live in the philippines (risks delivery as stated by dan), so i guess i better stick with panoxyl, il just apply a small amount of bp every morning and i full length every night. dont you think thats a good idea to lessen the dryness and peeling??? by the way iam using a cleanser mario badescu botanical facial gel, but am planning to switch to another
  2. yes. you should wash your hands/fingers with a soap to wash the remaining bp on your finger. water alone is not enought. you might experience dryness to your finger as well...
  3. i am planning to put i finger length of BP just every night and evrymorning i will just apply a moisturizer. Am on my 6th week now and my skin is really dry and flaking... red too. will these new regimen help me solve the problem??? does any1 here tried the regimen just by applying BP every night only and seen great results or made them break out again??? any1??? please... i hate the dryness and peeling redness that i am experienceing right now even thou i moisturize alot! (iam using panoxyl g
  4. Actually, I tried that same thing recently and it worked. I remained clear and less dry. Just do it gradually and don't hesitate to go back to the full dosage if a pimple appears. I wouldn't like to misadvice you, but switching products in general may cause different reactions. I learnt that lesson well 2 months ago, when I switched from Benoxyl to Benzac. The result was a terrible breakout with huge pustules. Things improved when I switched back to Benoxyl. So I'd suggest that you stick w
  5. Thanks alot for your reply, i was thinking to make my regimen to put i finger length of BP (Panoxyl 2.5%) every night only and then on the morning il just put moisturizer or put some bp to some affected areas that i think are prone to pimple... do you think its a good idea to avoid the peeling, redness and dryness of my face??? or should i better switch to another BP like benzac gel 5% and moisturizer like neutrogena??? thanks thanks thanks!!! thanks, i find the panoxyl iritating as we
  6. hey there, am on my 6th week of my regimen, iam clear no active pimples or whatsoever, but my big problem is that iam peeling in the sense that whenever i apply the moisturizer to my face, it would clump up because some of my skin has peeled already (i dnt know if these are dead skin). I am dry and i would always put moisturizer to my face evry other 3 hrs when i need too. I am getting sick of this routine, i think there is something wrong with my regimen but i dnt know what. I am using panoxyl
  7. thanks dude, will try head and shoulder may scalp suck coz its oily grrr, will try body shop's shampoo oil balance shampoo hope it works
  8. try mario badescu "control cream" it takes control of redness and flakiness and its a moisturizer too, and put suncreen with spf 17 above, redness happens exposure to the sun even if your clear because ur using bp. try the control cream, it works alot for me and ul sse the results right after you apply it. visit this site www.mario badescu.com go to protective creams and moisturizer... am also thking to but the control creaM moisturizer coz its 2 in one already. best of luck!!!
  9. hey there ive been looking for ways to get rid of my pimples on my scalp, it hurts alot everytime i touches it. i dnt know if there is some irritation going on but i used the midlest shampoo. i have oily scalp too,, does anyone has the same status i have... pimples on the head? especially at the upper neck of my back... i need your help guys thanks!!! btw, i was thinking to put bp on my scalp but i wont do that coz it will iritate more... sigh!
  10. how is your skin condition now? by the way is oxy still the same as panoxyl??? do you still flake right now? or the moisturizer helped you alot??? coz i am clear now but my skin is plastic shiney looking with lots flakiness... how do i solve this problem, i think the panoxyl doesnt absorbs well to my skin... but no other option coz the next available is the benzac gel but 5% concentration...
  11. thanks alot, yea i think Panoxyl doesnt mix well or absobs to my skin very well, but i really have no choice coz the only available 2.5% bp gel here in our country is only Panoxyl but we have benzac gel here but the lowest concentration they only have here is 5%, so which of the 2 shall i use??? i think the benzac gel works better for me on absorbing the bp coz i use the benzac gel 5% to my body (areas with pimple and they dnt flake. but my question is if i use the benzac gel 5% to my face, it
  12. ey there people, am on my 4th week of the regimen, am glad that iam clear now tho' my skin is still kinda flaky and red at times, but one thing that bothers me is that its seems that my skin isnt having a normal complexion. its like evrytime i look at the mirror, i could seen that my face has plastic mask covered -- is it becz of the bp i guess, but is this really normal at this stage, and my face is still adjusting to the bp still? will the flakiness wont be gone while your in the regimes?? i
  13. Ey there, iam experiencing the same problem as yours, i have very sensitive skin and my skin gets to be very red everytime i apply the bp on my face. actually, my skin isnt red before i apply the bp, but after applying it, in just seconds , my face gets to be red, its because of the bp for sure, its working. the solution i made was i bought the mario badescu control cream - its specially formulated to reduce redness and flakiness and at the same time it can be replace as a moisturizer. I notic
  14. Thanks, by the way ive noticed that your using nivea products for men, are those ok?? and great for ur skin???
  15. Thanks for the reply, :) anyways the moisturizer that iam using is mario badescu oil free mostiurizer it has the website www.mariobadescu.com, it says oil free but i dnt know but i think the moisturizer doesnt penetrate to my skin thats why iam having flaky skin... The ingredients of this moisturizer are as follows: Ingredients: Deionized Water, Parsol MCX, Cetyl Alcohol, Titanium Dioxide, Glyceryl Stearate, Stearic Acid, Myristyl Lactate, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Carbomer, Propylpa