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  1. Nope but I did buy a new moisterizer, my old one ran out. Its still all the same products. I am using Cetaphil with SPF15. This is only my 3rd day using only water and my face is already itchy and I can feel a breakout coming up. My face is pretty oily too..feels really nasty like i have grease on my face. But I duno if I can take the redness anymore so I will try this for about a week to see how bad it gets.
  2. Im actually using Neutrogena on-the-spot.
  3. This is about 2 and a half months since I started the Regimen and last week, my face got really red. So I stoped using Bp and the redness kind of went away. But then I started noticing small little pimples would show up...so..I started using BP..But I got soo red. Redness plus alot of small pimples is too much. I duno if I could continue with Bp because its causing my face to be bright red. Why does the redness all of a sudden appeared? I've been on it for 2 months w/o any redness then out of
  4. Does anyone else get a pimple that turns brown/dark red before the pimple forms. I just noticed the mark tonight and now I can see that the pimple is growing. The mark is about 1 cm in diameter. I usually get dark marks after the pimple forms then it leaves behind a mark but now it just went straight into a mark.
  5. I have the same problem. I usually sleep late and wake up early...which I feel like shit in the morning and that is probally why im breaking out but I am trying to get around 8 hours of sleep but I just can't fall asleep before 12. I usually have to wake up at 6-8.
  6. Yeah I did the regimen pretty closely. Usually I have to clean off the extra mosterizer/bp clumps but it gets very sticky. So if you take a little bit of water and put it on your face..does it turn white? Like the moisterize is still there?
  7. Iam currently using neutrogena on-the-spot bp, clerasil cleanser and cetephil mosterizer but I've noticed that during the day, if water touches any part of my face, it turns white...kinda like a sticky residue. Does anyone else experience this? Like if I get caught rains then my face would be dripping with white stuff.
  8. Yeah I sometimes get cyst that if I leave it alone, it turns into a whitehead...then hardens...and if I dont pick it out, it just stays there and eventually it falls off. But it still leaves behind a hole where the whitehead was..Soo...I usually pop them when its a whitehead ozzing to come out. Either way...when I get a whitehead like that, I know I am screwed already--(scar)
  9. Do you know what is it though? Or what is it called?
  10. I duno if anyone asked this already but I have alot of bumps that are on my chest that is the same color as my skin. They are pretty small but theres alot of them.
  11. Well, I have some red marks left from previous pimples then it disapears for like 2 weeks then now it just returned? Im pretty sure they are marks since they are bownish color. Anyone else experience this or is it just me?
  12. Acne is from our time as apes. When we were apes we would become more oily in our teens (caused by activity) so our hair body would shine and attract a male / female. But because we shed faster than evolution could take care of our problems we still have alot of activity in our faces, breast and back (mostly visible areas) cause of that . So 90% of us here would be sexy monkeys if it wasnt for fast har shedding evolution. Hopefully we will eventually evolve out of acne....(I dont see anything
  13. My skin is oily and dry...I've noticed that after I wash my face, it gets very dry and tight. Then I can actually see my pores producing oil. This takes about 5 mins for me too see it. Then I just moisterize it. Then it looks normal again. I guess since my face is dry, my body produces oil but when I moisterize it doesnt have to.
  14. Yeah they are not all blackheads actually. Some have a yellow head. But its diffenity depressing to look at. Its like a lose-lose situation. If I leave it, there a black/yellow dots on my cheek. If get them out, theres a bunch of holes on my face. I also have some icepick scars that are close together---making it one super scar or something.
  15. I think I got one of those before. It looks like three whiteheads close together making it a huge pimple. I just left it until the head came up then it popped by itself when I was taking a shower. Then I applied neosporin on it and now the mark is gone. Its been about a month since I got it. Gluck