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  1. i am on day 5 since applying 25% tca solution on the side of my face. After having a warm bath on day 4, all of the peel seeped off. I think this was a mistake, as most of the new under-skin is still red, some very red. It is now the end of day 5 and the redness on my cheeks is still there!!! Has anyone had experience with this. How long will this redness last??? i am currently having a mini-panic as i start work on day 7. thanks
  2. I am looking to purchase tca for spot treatment of a few red scars left from acne. Done a tca blue peel over a month ago and found it to be quite helpful in reducing the intensity of the red scars ,but it was costly - £800 in london. Do you know any reliable websites that can deliver to the uk and what % to start with - i was thinking around 20%. thanks
  3. i would recommend nlite. I have had 5 done and have had a lot of improvement. My rolling scars are now not much of a concern for me. Nlite does not help with red marks though. it is fairly cheap and has no downtime. Many on this board have said that it had not worked for them, but for me, i can definately say it will can help a lot with shallow rolling scars, although you will see the results improve slowly with time.
  4. just recently had the obagi blue peel (which contains tca). The tca added was 30%, but with diluting with the blue dye to control depth, the final concentration of tca was 20%. I used it for my scars on my cheeks. Most of the scars i have are reasonably level, however, are red. I think the peel helped a little with the redness, but definately not significantly. I paid £800 for the treatment. I am now considering a course of fraxel. My question is whether anyone knows if fraxel can help red s
  5. also, can someone let me know whether it is better to do a tca peel at home by myself or go professionally. I have read the downtime is 10 days, does this mean you need to stay indoors for that period??
  6. thanks. what is jessner? how much improvement in mild-moderate red scars can i expect with 1 tca peel from your experience? thanks
  7. I have just completed my first peel. I did the herbal green peel, hoping that it would improve my red scars. It is now day 6, and to be honest, i am quite disappointed. i don't feel that results justified the cost of £300 (around $560) and 5 days isolated indoors. My dermatologist recommended that i will probably require 3-4 more. I am not sure whether i should persist with this german herbal green peel, or now try a professional tca peel. I don't really have enough holidays to continually
  8. what is the recovery time like with subcision? does it look bad post-procedure and how long before the brusing, redness last. anyone have photos available to view the recovery period for subcision or even tca cross. Sam, check your pm. cheers
  9. after a week was your skin back to normal, ie no redness or peeling? did it or do you think it would help mild indentations/rolling scars? it would be nice to see the before and afters. it may help me and others. thanks i'm genuinely very happy for you. good luck mate.
  10. the attachment is not opening on word for some reason! I am glad it has improved your red scars. Are they completely gone or what percentage improvement do you see. I myself do not have deep scars, but a few mild indents/rolling scars. Do you think this peel would help or completely get rid them? how long did your skin to get back to normal, and how many days did you look very bad? thanks for the info.
  11. is this the german herbal green peel? i have been contemplating for some time whether i should try this. What type of scars is this good for and does it help with eliminating red scars? i would be interested in seeing the before and after pictures. best of luck
  12. if you are based in the US, go for Smoothbeam. If you live in the UK, try nlite. I have had a few and have found that they do help shallow scars, but it takes time to see the results.
  13. thanks guys. I will make an appointment with him. But, I thought i read somewhere that he doesn't treat with cross tca??? is this true?
  14. I am looking for a place in london,uk that does any of these procedures. I am particularly keen on getting tca cross done on 2 ice-pick like scars that i have on my cheek and are red inside. Does anyone know of a place in london that does tca cross well?? thanks