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  1. Mate I started accutain 3 weeks ago and that redness you described is EXACTLY what I was experience right BEFORE I began accutane. For me at least the accutane is helping control my crazy redness. Did your redness start getting worse or better, directly after you started tane, and if it got worse, when was it, after a few weeks or months? I'm guessing that after you finish tane, and it all leaves your system 4 months later that the redness will subside. It'd be suck big time to have it permanent
  2. Hey everyone, I've had mild to medium acne since I was 17 and I'm 23 now. The past year it hasn't been that sever, couple of white heads here and there but I would get really red. And I only kept it at that level because I was taking 200mg of Minocin every day. Anyway, 3 weeks ago I was like screw it. I just want to get this shit over with! So I made an appointment with my derm, told him that listen doc, - I know it's not that bad right now but I've been dealing with this crap for 6 years and
  3. I've become accustomed to BP. I'm on the regiment for 2 months now and never get dry anymore although in the beginning I used to alot. Do I still need moisturizer? Because when I use it I seem to get even oilier and it doesn't seem to be helping. I know it helps against red marks but I don't really care about that. Except for protecting against the dryness that BP causes, is there any other reason why I should continue using it even though I don't get dry anymore???
  4. Whenever I smoke I my face gets red like hell from the increased blood flow I guesss and whatever pimples I do have puff up and become very visible. It's freaky when I stare at myself in the mirror sometimes because I hardly recognize myself. It affects my skin terribly, now I'm sure there are many people out there that have clear skin and smoke but everyone reacts differently. When I'm smoking I can actually FEEL my acne getting worse. It's a direct corellation for me. Anyway all this talk of w
  5. Congratulations! I just posted my success story as well on top of yours. I've been on for almost a month and I've never been this clear in a VERY long time. Hope everyone has results like us!
  6. It really hasn't even been a full month yet (started on Jan. 3rd). This regiment has saved my life. I used to be so self conscious, always thinking about my face and whether my whiteheads can be seen at this angle or that angle blablabla. But no more of that garbage, I can actually concentrate on my life, on things that matter. And all this thanks to Dan's BP gel and a cheap Sainsburys moisturizer!!! I noticed though that Dan's suggested BP dosage was way to high for me. I know use around 1/4
  8. dans doesnt leave the white stuff dont worry its very good by the way, started using it 4 days ago
  9. Has anyone ever used this moisturizer? It works very well but it stings LIKE HELL when I apply it but the pain subsides 5 minutes later. It says it has "hydroceravit compplex" in it and I have no idea what this is. Maybe this is causing the stinging or do all moisturizers sting like this? First time I've been on regiment and have never really moisturized before so that's why I ask. Also, is the Clearasil 3 in 1 cleanser good? Just bought it today. But 4 days in the regiment and I'm already mu
  10. Try instant tan or hollywood tan spray booths. I might be a little biased because we are official distributors of them in the mediterannean region
  11. Maybe this is the natural progression of my current pimples but maybe this is the bp working but I have seriously cleared up 90% since I started 3-4 days ago. All active pimples have dissappeared and not even came to a head. Now I just have to deal with the redmarks that fade for me after 1 week.
  12. Update: I recieved the bp and it is very good. It dries fast, it doesn't dry me out and there is no redness at all. Also in the 3 days that I have been using it I have undergone the most rapid clearing up in my entire life. This is seriously some good stuff. I can't believe it took me so long to find out about this.
  13. I shower in the morning and at night. Most ppl do this man dont worry.
  14. I just started the regiment today and am in such a good mood. I've been clearing up naturally these past few weeks and I believe the regiment will finally put an end to this shit. Ahh so happy for some reason now!!!!!! Have a good day everyone and don't let any of this stuff keep you down you are all beautiful!!!