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  1. Haven't posted here in ages, guess I just need to vent my feelings somewhere. My acne is finally gone (sure I get the occasional pimple but no where as bad as it was), after eating accutane and I'm still eating vitamin b5. However something that just won't go away is my low self-esteem. I was so stunned when I got into my first and only relationship that my fear of being abandoned (because of how I looked) and my need for confirmation caused so much strain on the relationship that I had to
  2. It might take a while longer but accutane works. I took a 9 month course and that worked for me.
  3. You haven't considered the fact if you used accutane in 1982 you probably are 26 + ~18 = 44 which is an considerable high age to get pregnant at. Age is an important factor to consider.
  4. You forgot to mention that you are very humble/unpresuming too... I do not think it was because of your skin, since skin is basically just a part of ones looks. Why would he chose a girl that is much uglier than you in every way except for your skin if he chooses partner on looks.
  5. Exactly what I thought... You're bitching about a girl not answering you but the next paragraph start talking about an annoying girl and how t have her stop talking to you? Strong WTF
  6. sweat and urine are really similar. So you're basically pissing out of your skin. Every pore is like a tiny little urethra.
  7. If i wanted to, i probably could. But i am not like that, i dont need to have sex with hundreds of girls. And this is why girls like me.
  8. i hope you're joking. I dont know, he gave some great advice... I really want to go watch that show because i remember how horrible it was... These guys thinking they know women because of all these tips, but it just makes them look like more of losers. Any girl who watched that show would never give them a chance knowing that everything they ever did was because of tips they got.
  9. Define some time? What does your trainin schedule look like and what do you eat?
  10. Oh ffs... are people really this gullible? head on to the holistic forum and watch the pics in the welcome page by healthoid
  11. You know what, I am not usually rude to people. But I'd say that's one of the more rude things that has been said to me on these boards. Nothing you can say will shatter my confidence or my self-worth. That comes from within myself, and you can't touch it. But I can tell you to shove it and work on your own self worth, if you feel like you have to say things like that to people in order to feel good and to "win" a disagreement.