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  1. I wouldn't avoid moisturizing; it will just make the experience more uncomfortable for you. I have had nine Fraxels and have gotten those tiny whiteheads and rashy, bumpy skin after every single one. I have tried different combinations of products as well as NO products and the results were always the same. This doesn't happen happen for every patient. Just remember that although you cannot see everything that the Fraxel is doing, it IS a laser and there has been trauma underneath the surfac
  2. I would be really angry about that. The fact that they gave you the old Fraxel brochure is proof that he was being purposely deceptive. I really hope they refund your money. I haven't had any treatments with the Palomar laser yet...I have one at the end of November. I'll post if I get similar effects like the bleeding. No blue dye but bleeding doesn't sound like a very good trade off in my opinion. My 9 treatments with Fraxel haven't gone above 20. That the is maximum level they will use
  3. What was this doctor charging you per treatment? Did he directly tell you that he was using the Fraxel II machine? If so, that is fraud. As for the Palomar Lux 1540 laser, how have your results been? I wouldn't worry about being a 'guinea pig' for this laser; the Fraxel machine was not approved to treat scars initially either. Doctors were using it for scarring long before the FDA finally approved it. This is just a competitor for the Fraxel laser....which I think is a good thing. It sho
  4. That's RIDICULOUS..... If I were you, I'd fight it. Call the office and let them know how displeased you are, that you didn't ask for the Rx and you never would have accepted it had you known it would cost you an additional $180. I received numerous prescriptions at my Fraxel sessions and I was never charged an additional fee for an 'office visit'. I'd have screamed bloody murder if they tried that with me....
  5. I think there is some confusion about the different lasers being used. Awhile back, people were posting about the new Fraxel not using the blue dye and not hurting as much. (which we know isn't true from the people who've had treatments with the Fraxel II). I think they might have been referring to this laser: http://www.palomarmedical.com/palomar.aspx?pgID=1012 It also uses the Fractional technology but doesn't require blue dye and hurts less because of the cooling built into the tip. '
  6. It really depends on how high a level they are treating you with. I started off at low levels and was fine going every two weeks. At higher levels I waited a month because it took longer for my face to recover. I asked my doc about spacing treatments and if longer timing was better and he said from their experiences, it doesn't really matter. Your skin will continue to improve 6 months after treatment anyway. From what people have posted here, I think that 4-5 weeks between treatments is fa
  7. I've been using CP's on and off for almost a year. I didn't like it when I first started because it irritated my skin and I got bumps and little rashes. But that was my own fault; I started too aggressively.... they recommend that you start off very slowly and work your way up to the stronger products. Now I can use Super Cop 2 (the strongest product) all over my face with no problems. It definitely has helped my skin tone and texture. The key is to balance the cp's with exfoliation using
  8. I use Nicomide-T cream after someone recommended it in a different forum. It helps with the irritation, although it doesn't prevent it.... Here's a link: http://www.siriuslabs.com/nico-t_howdoiget.html
  9. No one has smooth skin a few days after a Fraxel.....;) Even in the best case scenerio, you'll have dry flaky skin... You aren't alone, I've had 8 Fraxels and my face was a mess for weeks after every one. Irritated and bumpy w/some tiny breakouts. It did take awhile to clear up, but then I did have soft, smoother skin. I think some people are just more sensitive to the procedure. It'll get better though....
  10. I feel exactly the same way... My improvement is at about 50% with two more Fraxels to go. But the improved texture and skin tone make my scar improvement appear even greater because they are less noticable. But it IS all subjective. I feel so much better and that is enough for me....I know I'll never have perfect skin either. I am a product junkie to the extreme. I've been using the cp products for 6 months now. However I just started using them daily about a month ago because since the
  11. Hi Chrissy... I know what you are saying, if I was paying $1000 a treatment, there is no way I would have had as many done. I'm only paying $300 a treatment now and since I am spacing them out a month apart, it's fairly affordable. Would I still rather be putting that money towards something other than laser treatments? YES....definitely... It's hard....I don't want to give people false hope...but I really didn't see results until after my 5th one. It's not all roses either...although my
  12. I assume you are asking me this? It's hard to tell in this monster thread...:) My first three treatments (starting the end of May) were a week apart. (too close in my opinion) And I had some problems during my downtime....breakouts and weird rash type things. So the last 4 treatments in that package were spaced 2 weeks apart (give or take a few days), ending in July. This last treatment was a month after the 7th one. I have two more scheduled and I think they will be spaced about a month
  13. ok...here's my update after Fraxel #8 at 18mjs. For all the people who haven't read all 800 pages of this thread, I have shallow scarring, but lots of it, mostly on my cheeks...one shallow scar on my lip and only two deeper scars that don't really bother me; no icepicks or scarred pores. I am in WI and have VERY reasonable pricing for Fraxel treatments so I have decided to be the guinea pig to test whether many sessions of Fraxel at moderate settings will produce good results. The place I hav
  14. Yeah C.S. isn't what it used to be. I'm an engineer pursuing an MBA and making loads of money. I talked with a C.S major that has been out of work for 4 years and counting. I had friends that were C.S. in colleg too that had trouble with job searches. Good luck on the search. I'd suggest expanding your online business with your computer skills or going to a inexpensive technical school and getting a business degree. Business is where it's at. Afterall, what are Bill Gates, Warren Buffet,
  15. widgie


    Yes...it does... Coffee, tea, and red wine are the worst....