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  1. man.. well, its hard to say with IBS because it is very common. Alot of people have it. The thing is it seems to come hand in hand with stress and anxiety also. I am a very anxious person, have sufferd with it for years so, I am not surprised to have IBS. ID rather have IBS than an IBD. IBDs actually do damage to your intestines while IBS is just a functional issue. Both suck though. What kind of bowel problems do you have if you are comfortable sharing? I just have occasional cramp and a s
  2. SO it came on right after your second course? how far away was your first and second course? I wonder if the people who feel accutane caused their bowel issues had more than one course.
  3. Hey, I wasnt able to find too many threads on this so I thought I would bring it up. What is going on with Accutane and the possibility of it causing bowel issues ( Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, and or Irritable Bowel Syndrome) I have been out of the loop because I have been good with my acne for some time. I took a course of accutane in 2005 for my moderate cystic acne. I am a female so my course was lower. Either way I have been having some minor issues with my bowels and am trying to find out
  4. LK2507

    does yaz

    Ive been on it for a year and 1/2 almost. It broke me out a bit for the 1st 5 months or so then my skin is fine now.. maybe a few spots here and there. My biggest complaint is other side effects. They dont always happen but here and there. Nausia sometimes, seems like veins in my face show more, my skin reacts to sun differently, sometimes Ive had bad leg aches, arm aches.. and this month Ive had these persistant mild cramps.. not sure if its yaz or not.
  5. Ive been taking Yaz for a year and 1/2. It is not agreeing with me much anymore and im having too many of the side effects. It did good for my skin (though it wasnt that bad anyway) after 6 months of being on it. At first it broke me out more. What I am worried about is that my skin will freak out, break out etc when I get off. It did seem to cut back on the oiliness of my crazy oil producing skin a bit. I will miss that and hope it isnt too bad after. Is there suppliments I can take to natural
  6. Ive been taking Yaz for a year 1/2. My skin was in ok shape when I started because I was using the regimen but I still got some. Well when I started Yaz I noticed I was breaking out more and getting a few bigger ones. I freaked out too but honestly I stuck it out for atleast 6 months because everyone told me you have too. Im not wanting to get off it for other adverse reactions. Every so often It just makes me feel like crap. my skin reacts to sun differently, spider veins in my face show up mo
  7. SO I posted this almost a year ago and was on here reading through stuff and thought Id give an update.. shortly after this post.. prob about in Oct and Nov my skin cleared up and stayed next to perfect all through the winter. I still use the regimen, with AHA at night also. I have started breaking out around my period this month so Im a little freaked but I think its a combo of things. A) I think I had a super hormone surge this month because I had higher than normal moodiness, and other thing
  8. It is SO hard to get accurate positive feedback on how well people do years, more or less after accutane BECAUSE, well we tend to not get back on here if we are care free about our skin. I still found this poll that has hopefull votings so far BUT there is minimal votes. Im hoping to find atleast SOME people who have good feedback about there longer term results after a course of accutane. Posting it no here may get more negative posts since people are hear cause they are still struggling.. but
  9. Has anyone had good experience with coming of Birth control and the Regimen helping keep it under control? My skin was good before I started Birth control 8 months ago due to accutane 2 years before and also maintaining with the Regimen. Im so worried that WHEN I decide to stop using Birth control it will make my acne bad again how it was before accutane. See I never got to really test out the regimen fully because I started it only to control some mild breakouts I was having post accutane. I
  10. My main question is, if you skin is good with none or next to no acne (after having gotten it under control with accutane, any treatment, or say you just never really had a problem) then you go on birth control and it stays good, then when you come off do you think the birth control can cause your skin to start to have problems with acne. In other words, can that changing in hormones, or anything else about the pill MAKE acne come back or start for a 1st time because you are coming off the pill
  11. What about acne did it come back? Im worried of this same thing. I dont HAVE to come off (Yaz is what Im taking) but id like to in the future. I also took a course of accutane (before starting BCP) almost 3 years ago. I was clear before I started Yaz, infact Yaz made me have some "worse" spots pop up than before it then NOW its perfect. Im so afraid the BCP's will have adversly effected my good skin from accutane, and the regimen when I do decide to come off. Id like to get off it because it ma
  12. Ive been wanting to find a good bronzer that wont bother my acne prone oily skin but do its job well. Im going to a wedding this evening and I need it quick so no time to order online. what the best one you can find at a drug store? I was going to try Physicians Formula mineral wear talc free mineral face powder (it was under bronzers) I see some people suggest Revlon New complexion (is that a bronzer?) Any tips QUICK would be great! Also I want to get a self tanner for my body. Im so pale I ju
  13. I complained about my issues (which in non perfectionist perspective are NOT that bad) Offered to write me a perscription for LoEstrin FE 24. Anyone heard of it? I cant find much info in it and acne but I have ready a couple things about that doctors do use it to treat acne. Not sure if its FDA approved for treating or not.. Anyone have any experience on it?
  14. I have been on Yaz for 5 months now. My skin before yaz (before may) was good, oily as usual but I would only get 2 MAYBE 3 small short lived inflammed zits a month, maybe less even. I was so afraid to go on BC cause you never know what they can do to your hormones but I chose Yaz because it is suppost to be good for acne. Well since on it I have gotten slightly more, the 1st few months was barable I thought I can take this But THEN the last 2 months (1 each month) I got these 2 Big ones, almost