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  1. Have been self-stamping for about a year now

    I know there are a lot of negative comments on here stating this method doesn't work, but they've all generally come from people who have done only a few expensive professional treatments. There is only so much new "trauma" that can be done in a single treatment, so results will indeed be minimal if you don't do a lot of them. That's why I feel like it's better to learn how to do it yourself. It definitely takes commitment since it's time-consuming and painful, and you REALLY have to stick with
  2. Self-checkout or online is definitely the way to go. Also, you mentioned one of the products you tried being flaky... are you moisturizing before putting it on? That makes all the difference in the world when it comes to smooth concealer/foundation.
  3. I have a friend who also swears by ColorStay for her pool-related needs. I've personally never used it, but if these ladies are saying it's good, it's probably worth giving it a try! I'm not sure what your price range is, but I use Estee Lauder DoubleWear foundation as both foundation AND concealer, and it has more staying power than anything I've personally tried. If you go on their website it has a lot of low, angry reviews, but this is due to the fact they decided to do some color overhauls
  4. Sorry for the delayed reply. I wouldn't consider that belittling my feelings at all! You're very kind, and I definitely appreciate the feedback. You're certainly right about the depression as well - when I'm depressed, I feel AWFUL about my appearance, but on days where I'm feeling ok, I don't. Thanks again!
  5. Oh, god, no...I have TONS of indented scarring. Evidently I'm forum-impaired and didn't actually attach my pictures. This is the little cluster that bugs me compared to the other side of my face when I smile, but I have pits all over my entire face, too.
  6. Hi all, I used to frequent these forums a lot, but stopped due to my skin improving quite a bit. Lately my scarring has been getting to me, so I thought I should probably come back so I could talk to people who actually understand what I'm coping with. I've always had moderate acne, but had a very, very severe case 6 years ago where my whole face erupted. I stopped going to work and became a recluse as I had oozing pustules and cysts all over my face, and even had a low-grade fever due
  7. Ser3nity

    March of progress

    Accutane happy fun time
  8. I'm two weeks into my second month of Accutane and I'm taking 80 mg/day for my moderate-to-severe acne. I haven't had any sort of major breakout, just a few small pimples and one inflamed one on my hairline. Most of the time the small ones were gone within a day, but the inflamed one took a while to flatten out and disappear. I've been moisturizing heavily every night to avoid dryness, and that hasn't caused me to break out either. I also try and drink a lot of water throughout the day to keep m
  9. I wouldn't recommend it since Accutane thins your skin. I've read various stories online about people getting tattoos while on 'tane and them not healing properly, although I'm sure it varies per person. If you do decide to get one done, good luck to you!
  10. I can completely relate to you about this. My birth control pills lowered my libido to begin with, and 'tane has seemingly destroyed it! It's extremely frustrating because it's hard for someone who's not you to understand how your medication is making you feel, so of course they'll blame themselves. My boyfriend has said that he thinks I'm not attracted to him anymore, and I've tried numerous times to get him to understand that it has nothing to do with him or his looks! I don't really have muc
  11. That is pretty strange for you to be on a once daily dosage, I read the same thing on my Sotret's documentation. Hopefully you get a call back soon so you can get it straightened out! Good luck to you as well
  12. According to the little pamphlet that came inside my box of Sotret, it's most effective when taken twice a day (once in the morning and once at night, obviously). I don't really condone going on Accutane without visiting a doctor though, it can be such a dangerous drug. Please be careful!
  13. I just started tonight! My derm put me on 80 mg/day, which is kind of scary to me since it seems very high. She barely knew the rules of the iPledge program, so I really hope she knows what she's doing...