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  1. I noticed that Accutane/Accutane generic posts take up much of the Prescription Medication forum and the threads on other medications get pushed away. Because of how large a presence Accutane threads have, I think there should be a sub-forum in Prescription Medications made entirely for Accutane. It would allow the other medications to be not only be separated (so it would be more organized) but also allow the threads to be seen better.
  2. I've been using RAM .10% (the stronger formula) occasionally for the past few months. When I do use it, my skin does peel and flake and get dry and slightly irritated, but nothing major. I ran out of my prescription refills so I'm getting another and was thinking of going down to .04%. I haven't had any acne in the past couple months. I'm only using the Retin-A Micro to help fade marks from my past breakout and even out my skin tone. So my question is, is Retin-A Micro .04% sufficient to do thi
  3. I've been using Retin-A Micro .1% (the stronger formula) for the past few months. I recently ran out and would like to continue using a trenotin so I am thinking of buying a generic Retin-A product. I was just wondering what the difference is between the Micro and the generic version. Also, the Micro comes in .04% and .1% and the generic comes in .0025% and .05%. How do the different strengths compare? Thanks!
  4. Because I read that applying a retinoid with a hydroquinone increases its absorption. Also, I don't like applying any topical meds on my face during the daytime. I prefer using them at night only.
  5. Anyone else ever have experience using the two?
  6. Hello all, I am currently clear with only brown and red marks from past acne on my cheeks only. I've been using Retin-A Micro .1% for the past month every 2-3 night or so. However, I want to speed up the lightening of my dark marks so I ordered Lustra Cream, which is a 4% hydroquinone cream. I was wondering how exactly I should go about applying the two together at night. Should I apply the Retin-A Micro all over my face as usual and then spot treat the dark marks with the hydroquinone over
  7. I wouldn't doubt that but I've lived here my entire life and so have my parents, so I don't think that's why for me.
  8. Update for anyone who cares. I've been using Retin-A Micro and Benzaclin (switched from Duac to Benzaclin) for 2 weeks now. I'm experiencing the normal flaking associated with Retin-A. Hoping for the best!
  9. Today has been 2 weeks since I first used Retin-A Micro (.1%, I dunno why my derm put me on the stronger one) and I'm experiencing the normal flaking. Not really peeling, but flaking, especially around my mouth area. The first week I used it I accidentally put it around my lips and the corners of my mouth got so dry and irritated, it hurt to open my mouth but now it's fine. I just pray that I don't experience and initial breakout. Anyone else care to share their experiences using Retin-A?
  10. Anyone? And if you didn't, what kind of acne did you have?
  11. Yeah, I did moisturize but the problem is that I applied it around my mouth and corners of my nose and now the skin there is soooo scaly and flaky. It's tight and dry and no matter how much lotion I apply, it stil hurts.
  12. Please, anyone. This HURTS and the skin no matter how much moisturizer I put on it, it just doesn't absorb.