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  1. Accutane is a miracle drug. Just get on it---the side effects are hyped and exaggerated. It's such a wonderful feeling---not having to worry about your skin, or ponder what you're doing or putting on it might lead to break outs. When you're on accutane (at least in my case), you WON'T break out. Pimples simply cease to exist. No whiteheads, no blackheads, no painful, emerging cysts, just clear, NORMAL skin.
  2. I wanted to go on accutane when I was in 8th grade, but my mom said that the drug was too powerful for me (she took it while aneimic and had to be taken off because she had no energy to move). So I watched as my skin got oilier and oilier and I dumped loads of $$$ into ZapZyt (which fixed my face acne but RUINED too many nice shirts to count) and other products that would help. NOTHING. I'm 18 now, and there's iPLEDGE to jump through. What a NIGHTMARE. The doctor told me I was a perfect candidat
  3. I'm more concerned with the acne on my back and chest right now, because it's not so much zits as it is 1000s of freaking blackheads. It's so disgusting. Like my skin doesn't even have a normal texture anymore, just a bunch of stupid raised bumps. I hate it!! Hopefully accutane will take care of it.
  4. i don't know if it would be "cheaper" granted that insurance covers the cost of accutane in most cases. you'd be mowing through an entire bottle every other day!
  5. I have been using Neutrogena's non-scrub body wash---and the key to success is to use it generously. if you only squirt out a little drop and rub it around you're not going to get the full effect. make it lather like the dickens! one bottle should last about three weeks if you use it once a day. oh, and apply it with a wash cloth, not a loofa. after the shower---i've been debating between the rapid clear gel and jergen's skin SMOOTHING AHA lotion. you can expect it to get a little bit worse lo
  6. after 3 days it was clogging your pores? it is basically just a soft scrub with SAL. acid in it----which "tah-dah" is semi-effective against blackheads...so they try to sell it as a magical blackhead killer. why don't you try the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Scrub? It's got the 2% Salicylic Acid AND glycolic acid (an alpha hydroxy which will chemically exfoliate the surface of your skin, hopefully easing the clogged pore sensation). Whatever you do, remember that OTC products usually won't fix an
  7. give it up. it won't do anything. sorry to discourage you.
  8. i wonder if someone could fashion an attatchment for an ordinary house vacuum...that would certainly change the "lack of power" problem. this is for people with flawless skin who look at themselves in the mirror and think "oh my god my pores are so clogged...i'd better get medievil on their ass and start suckin' 'em dry"...low and behold, three weeks later "i don't have any blemishes! what a miracle device!"
  9. Neutrogena PORE REFINING toner has glycolic acid in it. its actually got a nice combination of acids that i found REALLY evened out my skin tone in terms of redness and discoloration---which in terms gave it a smooth and healthy appearance. no, it wasn't an end-all in terms of acne or blackheads...but when used with ZAPZYT, the right cleanser, and and a proper exfoliator and moisturizer (i know, LOTS of steps) it's worth it.
  10. the only way to know is to try it, really.
  11. vitamin C---start eating cherries, tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, etc. SOME people say that putting vitamin C on your face will improve tone and such---as reflected in the Neutrogena Visibly Even line. I wouldn't necessarily say the supplements do anything for your skin...so don't invest too much faith, alright?
  12. an initial breakout? why... it has been my experience that an initial breakout is usually a prolonged and permanent breakout that doesn't cease until you correct a problem in your regimen. just to ease your anticipation---the neutrogena helthy skin stuff didn't cause any kind of breakout for me...it just didn't affect my rhino skin. keep posting---i'm interested to see how the Alpha Hydrox works for you. i'll cross my fingers it doesn't make you breakout.
  13. my body acne cleared up wonderfully...but my face went nuts from being burned and dried out and such. i'd say be careful with your face...don't forget to use your damn sunscreen. it's true that prolonged sun exposure thickens your skin--i am now part rhino.
  14. it's a strict diet, and almost impossible to follow. you might have the same effect if you simply took salmon capsules (vs. salmon), which turn out much less expensive than salmon filets 5 times a week. The point he was trying to make is that if you consume the salmon itself then you'll be less tempted to consume his marked "negative" foods. I personally found that exercise and fractions of his diet improved my skin overall, but adhering to such limitations isn't possible as a teenager in high
  15. i remember a while back some chick said that drinking epsom salts once a day kept her acne free....but i think she was a ho-bag lookin' for a dime.