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  1. thankyou very much Rusty!! Ya i see wut u'r saying....but are you saying to do this in the morning? or at night (leaving it overnight)?? oh and the emu cream is simply a 100% natural, concentrated cream who's base is emu oil....here's the ingredient list: Dromaius oil (Emu oil), Borage seed oil, jojoba oil, sulfur, zinc oxide, tea tree oil, white willow bark extract, arnica, camomile, marigold, burdock, aloe vera, camphor, eucalyptus, vitamin E, and green tea. its for both acne a
  2. Hi Guys, I dunno how long it took me to read this entire thread :oops: but it was quite long!! hehe well Maya gave me the following suggestion to incorporate the Mandelic serum into my current regimen..... "mickey I suggest you do the following: Morning: wash face as normal scrub/soap taping whenever vinegar emu oil SPF Night: cleanse/wash mandelic serum (leave it on) emu oil cream I think this is what I'll follow ...but!! The emu oil cream a
  3. Is this diet helpful for existing acne? i mean is it helpful for treating acne? and how you eat ur salmon maya? do u buy them in cans and then cook them or something?? thanks!
  4. Hi, Yeah some are fairly more pricey then others. But when I got myself into emu oil last year, I was told to buy the 100%, REFINED emu oil. There is a certain process they should follow. But its even better if the company you're buying from farms their own emu oil. BUt a 100% refined emu oil is what you want.
  5. Maya, do you eat cottage cheese? some ppl say they eat it...wut kind of cheese would u recommend? I was told to eat real cheese but I have no clue where to get them from.... also, could u tell me what u think of this snack: I just bought this snack from my campus snackstore (kinda weird!!) its called La Nouba (imported Belgian Milk Chocolate)...coconut flavor (all natural) it is sugar-free (sweetened with maltitol), low-carb choco bar ingredients: maltitol, cocoa butter, milk powde
  6. Maya, For the last 2-3 days, I've been eating brown rice for both lunch and dinner....urgh! is that bad?? i usually eat it with some veggie curry or fish curry...I've been clear for about the last 2 weeks... :D/ i dunno if its the zinc (total of 45 mg I take) and multivitamin, or the gallon of lemon water that I drink EVERYDAY, or the somewhat diet I do where I eliminated wheat, dairy products, fried stuff....I wont lie, I still munch on these "bad" things here and there but not a who
  7. I have a quick question about this.........I have an apple cider vinegar at home, but its probably a few years old (1-2)...is it safe to use that? I mean, vinegars dont go bad, do they?? :-s and plus, should I start using it once a day, then after a week or so, increase it to twice a day? Maya, help! thnx!
  8. can some1 also tell me if eggs are good....for those of us on acne diets?? I'm hearing mixed things about it....and if it is, is the whole egg good, meaning the yolk too??
  9. Thanks Maya, well I see that Vit. c is good for us acne people....but taking 1-2 grams on top of the multi, is that safe? now, I did read somewhere that vitamin c can be taken in these large dosage, i just wanna make sure that is safe... the other question is, I still dont get wut pribiotics are exactly... is it similar to digestive enzymes which helps in digestion? a question about digestive enzymes I have is that, how do I know which 1 to get? I went to GNC few days ago and they h
  10. hey Maya, ok so I'm writing here now Is it ok to consume brown rice everyday, in one of the meals? I've been eating brown rice for the past 2-3 weeks, substituting it for white rice...at the same time, I'm getting a mixed opinion from people saying white rice is also ok to consume? what do ya think? also, i'm taking multivitamin from www.vitacost.com (iodine free) and optizinc = 45 mg (total, including from the multivitamin)....do you think I should add any other vit
  11. ok, a quick question here....how would I know what kind of digestive enzyme to take? I went to GNC the other day, and they had a whole row or two of different kinds...do they all have the same purpose? which is to make the digestion easier?? or does each have different kind of purposes? :-s other thing is, one a sentence or two, what exactly is PROBIOTIC? I'll try to find some info on it myself too...
  12. Maya, is this method more helpful for scars, as opposed to applying it on active pimples?? I have some red/brown marks, and this method will probably help on that....but wut about when I get breakouts and there are active pimples, would it still be safe to use this then? also, does any1 know if vinegar goes bad, I mean, I have cider vinegar at home but it hasn't been used for a WHILE...and while means, probably 1-2 years...however, I HAVE been using it in my salad dressing recipe, and
  13. Thanx Maya, My questions are more related to acne diets, to treat current acne and not really scars. You're the moderator of this forum board, on scar treatments, so I wasn't sure if it would be okay to ask questions like that on Scar treatments forum.