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  1. yeah thats true and you should try to detox plan too....it did wonders for me
  2. yes i use to apply 1 coat let it dry a bit then apply another one
  3. I had some real success with this but i did moisturise my skin continuously as well. Give it a go i say! Cheers.
  4. sleeping on it and cleansliness does play a small part....but comon seriously you dont think your acne is goin to form 50 / 50 exactly on both side do you?? lol Its common for scaring or acne to form more on either side,,, and there is nothin you can do its just your physiological makeup and the way the bacertia like microorganisms decides to generate itself. When my acne was really bad i tested it once and only cleaned my worst cheek side and the results did vary. cheers.
  5. i like the part where you say you gunna change your diet.....this will play a big part in your recover trust me
  6. i recommend getting the pour remover product where you put that white strip on your face and leave it for a few minutes then pull it off and the pour / and blackhead lift out as well! then mousturise your face after....its amazing when you have acne how much gunk there that you will get out!! cheers
  7. Herbs such as chamomile, lavender, juniper, bergamot, dandelion root, and burdock root can be used to reduce toxicity and improve the overall condition of the skin. These are not quick fixes but some quite good in keeping the acne breakouts and acne spreding. cheers
  8. you dont have to use more than is recomended....i know of many people who think if you use more your will cure acne quicker....totall rubbish. as for the pimples on your head....try not to pop them and make sure that you keep your head / hair clean, There are few products that will do this. all the best
  9. Found this on a popular natrogena site....thought it might have been some use. It did help me in getting rid of my acne. 1. Your skin reflects your overall health and well being. It is important to manage your stress levels by getting enough sleep. Your skin needs rest to rebuild and repair itself. Exercise will help to reduce stress while maximizing oxygen delivery to the skin. 2. Women should not use heavy oil-based lotions and makeup. It is important to only use oil-free makeup that allows
  10. HI I dont think it has been proven, but speaking to others in the forum and one of my friends who swears black and blue that growing a beard helps the skin smoother hence helps to cure acne. Cheers
  11. poor guy. at this stage you will need to clean it (with warm water) and then apply some BP gel. Dont scratch or squeeze it as well it will only make the problem worse! dont panic too much about scarring yet, i had really bad scars when i was younger now they are completly gone! hope this helps!
  12. I use to get these sort of patterns just before i had a bad breakout! It looks horrible. Had it so badly once someone said i was getting the german measels LOL
  13. I found that I used a combination of BP gel during the day and oil of ulan just before I went to bed as this help stop my acne and the spread of acne over my face. This worked for me....does anyone use these two products as well?? Cheers.
  14. great news to hear mate, For all those who dont think changing your diet will help your acne print this forum post out. It always great to hear these stories congrats