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  1. Full fat, non processed cheese is the most healthy.
  2. This study is an absolute joke. The methods are flawed and inconclusive. That is all.
  3. pardon my ignorance, but how do you eat 3 cloves of raw garlic??
  4. do any of the people in this thread suffer from Seborrhoeic dermatitis and dandruff? i tried using nizoral, and I think it worked at first, but it doesn't work anymore....furthermore, it makes me breakout on my scalp. I'm getting sick of all this and it doesn't seem like the derms have any real solutions for this problem. i've been on loprox but that doesn't work either.
  5. steve0, can you post a link to the site you found that information about? the reason I started getting it was due to antibiotics.
  6. Can you please tell me a few things: 1. What medication are you taking for it now? You mentioned you're taking pills. What type, and what dosage? 2. How quick did the bumps disappear. Did you have them on your body as well? Thanks...and please keep us tuned... I want to see how permanently this gets rid of your issue even AFTER you stop taking the pills.
  7. 20,000 IU of Vitamin A, in the presence of adequate Vitamin D should pose relatively little risk in terms of hypervitaminosis A. Hypervitaminosis A is largely seen in synthetic derivatives of Vitamin A in excessively high amounts (500,000 IU +) with sub-par Vitamin D status. I currently take roughly 50,000 IU of vitamin A per day; through natural foods, cod liver oil, and liver. It will not kill you. Just make sure that you get plenty of vitamin D from sunshine and cod liver oil, as vitamin A
  8. I'm wondering if many people who are seeing results from Head and Shoulders have also taken multiple courses of antibiotics and now have pityrosporum Folliculitis which will mimick acne. I wouldn't be surprised. I have posted before about my troubles with P.F.: I was never able to get on oral antifungals because of ignorant doctors that still believe it is a bacterial infection, despite my hours of research online and pretty much confirmation of similar lesions. Recently I picked up a ZNP bar,
  9. When did I say he was low-carb? He wasn't low-carb, but rather proper carb. And yes, his findings do actually directly contradict your ridiculous FUD and misinformation regarding milk.
  10. Probably because it's a lean source of meat and has basically little vitamin A. Start eating liver so you can properly assimilate the protein.
  11. Genius, where do you think Cows get their calcium from? And on the same token, eating supposed "supergreens" isn't either.
  12. I offered tremendous argument. I suppose just because much study was done during the early 1900s regarding many new scientific discoveries, that hey should be ignored as well? Unless you can state any specific flaw in what he's looking at, what he observed still stands true. This really isn't a controversial issue, either. There's pictures of his bones before and after dietary intervention. The Raw Milk resolved his issues quickly and he had strong bones, as is readily apparent from the scan
  13. I don't know why I need to even bother responding to what this is - a post completely far from reality. I suggest you read Weston Price's book - Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He has X-Ray scans of a child with terribly weak bones that was greatly aided through the consumption of a diet rich in whole milk as opposed to skim milk. There's before/after pictures that clearly show the boy's bone mineral density recovering tremendously. But, apparently he shouldn't have consumed it becaus
  14. :crazy2: Uhh, what? Milk is an excellent source of calcium and other vitamins.