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  1. There's a debate about pasteurized milk as well. Again, the mucus thing seems silly (and the casein isn't affected by the pasteurization anyway, assuming that's the "cause"). The difference between creatine and steroids? Are you joking? That's not even the same thing.
  2. If you've got mild acne, I think the regimen would be perfect for you. It's also possible that just gentle cleaning might work, but you'd probably need more than a week to see results from that.
  3. Tell him what you've been on before if it worked. He might not put you back on it, but he'll keep it in mind, and it might affect his decision.
  4. I think you'll be fine, as far as acne goes. Even if it affects your skin (probably won't), it'll probably be minor. Just stick with what you've been doing if it's working.
  5. I think you'll be fine. Maybe the old one wasn't fully drained, and it opened again last night. The fact that you got BP on an open pimple (basically an open wound) shouldn't really cause any problems, though it could definitely irritate it.
  6. First off, even info from professors can be wrong. Professors are normal people, with their own biases and potential misinformation. And some of them are just crazy. With that said, I haven't heard of any specific research which showed an increased risk of hemorrhagic stroke associated with E, but it doesn't mean it's not out there. I'd like to see it before I trust it, though. There is, however, a concern that high doses of E may potentially impair clotting, causing hemorrhages. The toler
  7. Reread his post. It wasn't a joke. A sense of humor wasn't involved. He was posting his theory, and I disagreed with it and said so. You're just pissed off that I called you out on your BS in the dairy thread.
  8. Seriously, it's not "common knowledge". There are some who claim milk is unhealthy, but there are plenty of others who claim it's extremely healthy. Mucus forming? First, where's this info from? The only site I found (in an admittedly short search) which explained the "mucus forming" action of milk blamed it on casein. However, it completely failed to explain how casein causes mucus buildup. It also failed to explain exactly where one should expect this mucus buildup. What I do know is
  9. Sorry to hear you had such a bad day. You should see about getting a new pair of glasses soon if you can. If you ever get an eye infection or something, you'll need them anyway, and I don't know about yours, but my glasses from fourth grade just aren't that cool anymore. Nor do they fit. You might seriously need to talk to your parents if they're pressuring you to drink some BS acne "cure", and especially if they're telling you not to eat things because they'll "cause acne". First, there's
  10. That's one of the reasons I think it might actually be best to moisturize first. If your skin is already dry, then the BP is going to make it drier, and possibly irritate it. It'd be interesting if there were actually a medical study which tried it both ways, but I've never heard of one.
  11. It's probably better to use a small amount consistently than a large amount irregularly.
  12. Those two concepts are entirely unrelated. The fact that we (men) develop "as women" (not entirely accurate, but whatever) before we develop male sex characteristics does not, in an way, make us bisexual. You want to argue that all pepole are bisexual, fine, but that argument is seriously lacking.
  13. His premiums are ridiculous if that's all he's paying for copay. I'm not saying it's not worth it. (Depends on the person/family and situation.) But there's a tradeoff.
  14. Exercise and a good diet will do far more for a person's health than a million vitamins, minerals, and herbs. As a general rule, anyone who doesn't exercise doesn't have room to talk about what makes a person healthy, especially when they're recommending off-the-wall alternative medicine.