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  1. It doesnt really look that bad to me. Though i do think if u started washing your face 2x a day when u wake up and before bed/after shower, used dans benzol cream and a good moisturizer you could get rid of 90% of it. It does take a little bit of time to apply everything correctly but if u stick with it u will see great results.
  2. Lost track of days Right now my skin is almost completely clear. I did just get two new spots but compared to the 10 i had when i started i think it is quite the improvement. All of my previous red spots are fading into nothing and the small amount of acne that i still have doesnt even bother me. I am so glad i stuck with the regimen because it really works. Right around 3 months my skin really made a turn for the better. I noticed i had a whole week without a new pimple popping up.
  3. Day 76 Another good day. NO new pimple erupted and the two whiteheads that were close together have deflated and will soon not be a problem. The rest of my face is looking better still. The one nasty pimple near my mouth that has came and gone numerous times in the same spot is now disappearing again. Hopefully i can stay on track and make some good progress before the three months is up.
  4. Day 74 The last week has been fairly good. I got over the big breakout i had and started to clear up. Red marks still remain from the last one but the previous red marks are now fading. I did have two whiteheads really close together come up today and they really hurt. It feels like they are pushing outward from inside my skin. The breakout i had really close to my mouth refilled with puss again when i woke up. I lanced it and so far it hasnt refilled so it may be leaving for good.
  5. Day 64 Brandy I have been taking an msm sulfur supplement from tri medica company for about a month now. The only thing i have read about it is that it is a neccesity for skin and tissues and as safe as water to take. I started with a smaller dosage of 500mg twice a day but recently upped it to 1g twice a day. I havent really noticed anything specific except for the scar on my arm from this summer has really improved in color. It was red and now is a very light pink and not noticeable at a
  6. I really couldnt tell you. I have no experience with the cream bp and at the moment im not too happy with the gel either. Its better than most of the stuff i have gotten from the dermatologist but i guess it takes forever too work because ive been on it for about two months and i really dont look any better than i did when i started . As for the aloe vera gel i guess ive never really used it either . Ask dan or brandy, they should be able to tell you.
  7. Day 63 I was wrong. The breakout i thought was going away has decided to stay and grow. I looked like shit today. A pimple triangle came out of my cheek today. It looks like a perfect fill in the line triangle. I have a similar healing breakout on my left side too. It looks like i have a handlebar moustache acne problem. The best i can describe the location is from the corner of my lip (big pimple) heading down to my jaw. IN this area are about 4 very red marks on one side and 3 bi
  8. I was also on the same products you were on for about a month and then switch to the Eucerin Skin Renewel with AHA. After about a month of using that my skin tone has evened and it has smoothed out my skin dramaticaly. I have mild/moderate acne and its been helping along with the bp. From what ive heard it clears out dead skin cells on your face so the pores will not clog as easily. This along with bp use that kills acne bacteria is like fighting the battle with two weapons, not just one. M
  9. Day 62 The breakout that I have now started around wednesday or thursday and is now starting to subside. The 5 or 6 whiteheads gradually went away after I splashed hot water on my face and shaved during the weekend. Now I have 4 or 5 new red spots that are a lot larger than the initial whiteheads were. One popped and then I think sealed back up and puss is forming inside it but im not gonna irritate it im just gonna let it do its thing even if it looks bad because it looks like one that
  10. Day 61 Still good progress but I did get a few setbacks. I must have had a minor breakout because i now have 4 or 5 small whiteheads pop up. Most of them have gone by now now its just a matter of healing them. The MSM sulfur supplement i have been taking for a few weeks now has improved the scar on my arm, but not any of the ones on my face. I do have a few small scars left over from the past few months and im wondering if they will ever go away?? I use eucerin twice a day with the reg
  11. Day 56 So far the progress is still good. I haven't had any new noticeable spots appear on my face. Yea I do have a few small whiteheads still, but I am only on day 56. For the most part my skin looks good, has good tone, and is clearing finally. Not 100% clear yet but I think im up in the 80% range. Now all I have to do is wait for the red marks to fade. I have been saying that since the day I started and everday i notice one big scar from a cyst near my lower mouth/chin area. I re
  12. Day 53 I did find a few new small whiteheads, one on my cheek and another im my problem area. The one that was really bad ended up turning into a large whitehead that will probably seep out when i take a shower. Still waiting for the red marks to fade completely. The day when that happens I will be a happy guy. Progress is still pretty good and im happy with the results so far.
  13. Day 50 Another normal getting clear almost day. Something weird did happen though, I saw and felt a pimple form near another older pimple that lost its head but hadnt yet fully receded. Throughout the day i noticed the older pimple was getting irritated and forming blood inside. The newer pimple was just getting bigger and I think that it irritated the other one and thats why blood was forming inside. As soon as i arrived home from work I used Dan's lancing technique. I pricked the sp
  14. Day 48 I'm back and I have some really good news! The clear skin regimen worked for me. At this very moment I have no active pimples, very few red marks left, and a really good overall tone. To add to this I also started taking MSM (pure lingusil sulfur supplement). My skin has been looking better since about day 45 and is improving continuously. I am really glad i started and stuck to the regimen and want to thank Brandy and Dan for all the good advice when I went off track. Thanks