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  1. TEN MONTHS + 2 DAYS- New place, new face It's been awhile since I've been using CSR and now I'm in a different place and my skins not a hassle. A girl I just met asked me what I used for my skin cuz it was nice, I told her about CSR. So far, so good. Before I left though, I tried out the new order of CSR cleanser. I liked how it foamed up easily and it seemed to wash things off better than cetaphil. But I don't find it being as gentle.. and it smelled a bit nostalgic to neutragena face wash.
  2. EIGHT MONTHS + THREE WEEKS + 6 DAYS- same old same old... Its been really long, forgot about the site for a bit, Sorry! But came back to discover..whoo hoo..new cleanser. Thanks Dan. My face is pretty much the same, been stressed out lately however, so maybe one or two little whiteheads- miniscule really..under floodlights you can't really see much. I still do have a prob with oil control tho, I get shiny so easily in the summer, and I get a flaky in the winter..my skin likes to change it up
  3. SEVEN MONTHS + ONE WEEK-whoopee..down to one. So I've only got one blackhead on my whole face. Nice. I'm startin to forget how my face looks like with acne so I check out old pictures (altho few cuz I don't like takin them) to remind me to be ever so grateful. Again, thank u Dan. U've made life manageable and great.
  4. SIX MONTHS + THREE WEEKS + FOUR DAYS- flawless w/a dab of foundation So my skin is as smooth as a babys bottom. I have a lil discolouration here and there esp around my nose, but I feel like I can go out w/o makeup now. To be absolutely flawless.. I must use some foundation but all is wonderful AND its actually a sunny day here out in the rainy city..what a miracle!
  5. SIX MONTHS + TWO WEEKS + 5 DAYS- All gone. After that one on my right cheek, as it died, another flared up, but now all is gone. I only have 3 small blackheads on my right side. It's nice to see under the tasking light that everything is smooth. I am still red around the nose and a bit discolourated here and there..but hey, life isn't THAT perfect, but I feel perfect the way I am Too bad I just got bit 6 times by mosquitoes!
  6. SIX MONTHS + 3 DAYS- ..Uh Oh! I said it too soon! this big ugly zit has come up on my right cheek, the only active thing on my entire face. It could be worse I guess and right on the top of my nose but it is about 1 cm across. It's not raised SO much, but enough to be the only thing casting a shadow in spotlight And to think I was goin to be clear on my trip that I'm havin next week. Too good to be true. I hafta maintain classical greek mentality...the Gods can always take back what they gave
  7. SIX MONTHS-Whoo hoo! Half way mark! So everything fab with my skin, I did hav some blackheads come up on my right cheek, I bought some clearasil blackhead exfoliating pads and they are going away. All's dandy in general though. I can't believe I made it in half a year. My friends haven't said anything but that's likely of them. My parents and their friends however, when they see me are always like..wow, what happened to your skin? Such a huge turnaround, its basically perfect. I still use a bit
  8. FIVE MONTHS + THREE WEEKS-pretty much clear I'm almost at the half year mark. I've had a couple of red bumps pop up and go right beneath my eyes, it kinda bad. It's weird I could get zit like things there, maybe I've been rubbing my eyes or something. I can't put BP there, cuz its too close to my eyes and the skin there is pretty delicate. Where that grey bump was, it's still greyish colour, but flat. Now it looks like a half formed mole and its hard to cover up. Oh well, things could be worse,
  9. FIVE MONTHS + ONE WEEK + 2 DAYS- still clear but popped that grey bump So I got bored..and that one gryish bump seemed to make me curious one day and so WHAM I tried squeezing it. Apparently, it was like one big whitehead/blackhead, cuz this huge plug came out and stuff..it was quite gross. Now it's flat.. but red. Now I don't recommend picking..but if something has stayed there for 2 weeks plus and nothing has happened, GO FOR IT. Better yet, get a pro to do it or I think there's instructions
  10. FOUR MONTHS + THREE WEEKS + 4 DAYS- Alls well.. cept for a bruise So everything is good.. I still flush easily or look red if I get hot or drink alcohol.. but no blemishes other than the odd whitehead once every 2-3 weeks. I still have that weird gryish bump on my left side but whatever. My frds took some photos the other day of all of us, and my skin looked pretty much perfect. I did go to this huge concert/party and I was at the edge of the mosh pit and some person slammed into my sunglasses
  11. FOUR MONTHS + TWO WEEKS + 1 DAY- Overall, still good. Thinks are still looking fine. I did get one small whitehead in the groove between my nose and my cheek, but it should disappear by tomorrow I think. Everything else is fine. Some of my old red marks are still taking forever to go away however. These are the last two weeks of university and I am in stress overdrive right now.
  12. FOUR MONTHS + 6 DAYS- soft, clear and not dull anymore! Yay.. I've been experiencing continuous GOOD days. These are happy times indeed. I was even watching American Top Model and I thought, "wow, even my skin looks better than some of those girls without their makeup on". This is all thanks to Dan of course And Thanks Brandy for supporting so many of us here. I looked at my expiry date and it indeed is the new package. Still working for me I guess So here's my update on my REGIMEN MORN: S
  13. FOUR MONTHS + 2 DAYS- My face is soft! yay. So my skin doesn't feel like a snake's anymore.. I think it's cuz of Aloette's time repair serum and that enzyme mask thing I used once. Perhaps this will be my permanent regimen now.. but I'll give it a bit more time and see if it holds up. I just opened my new shipment of CSR and it has CHANGED!!! not the packaging or anything. But the gel itself! It used to have this more medicated smell.. although not nauseaus-causing, it was still there. Now I ba
  14. FOUR MONTHS- good. red dot right under one eye. I slept at four yesterday and I got a little red bump under one eye, but its smaller than a beauty mark.. other than that, things are fine. I also ate spicy food for four days straight now and I think that hasn't made my skin look so healthy but no big new surprises. I tried the Aloette enzyme peel today. My skin is really smooth right now but a bit raw. Although it has no beads, the gel balls up (it seems silicony) and since you have to rub ur fa
  15. THREE MONTHS + THREE WEEKS - good, texture a bit dry though I have been keeping up the aspirin mask every 2-3 days. I think it does help even out the skin tone. Someone who hasn't seen me for a long time asked me if I've been putting on makeup because I was pretty or sth. I only has a bit of foundation on red spots and lip gloss so I guess that's a good sign. I think CSR has really helped my skin in control. It's really awesome actually, I have no active zits, and only 2-3 red marks which look