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  1. [attachmentid=4125][attachmentid=4126]Hi,I have very bad skin on my back.I used to breakout a lot on my back but not anymore, but I have these scars and discolored skin as you can see in the pics.I believe most of it is hyperpigmentation.Please someone tell me if I can use a topical cream or something.I have never used anything for scars.So please tell what is the best out there.
  2. [attachmentid=3839][attachmentid=3838][attachmentid=3837][attachmentid=3837]I just bought 50% TCA.Everyone is talking about facial peels.Has anyone done a body peel.Please give me some instructions.Look at my pics so that you have an idea what kind of scars I have.I would greatly appreciate any help.
  3. [attachmentid=3725][attachmentid=3724][attachmentid=3723]I used to have acne on my back that has left me a lot of scars on my back.Its been about 4 years and I dont break out on my back any more.I have never used anything for the scars.But now i finally want to do something about it.I dont have insurance so I don't wanna go to a derm.Please someone tell me if I can use some kind of Pell,Microdermabrasion or needling.Anyone please advise.Look at my pics.....
  4. [attachmentid=3657][attachmentid=3656][attachmentid=3655]Hi Lexy, I used to to get acne on my back that has left me with these scars or pigmentation...whatever this is.I've had these for years now and they have faded very little over the years but still you can see they are very visible.What do you think I should try supercopx2 or TCA cross
  5. [attachmentid=3644]Hi, Has anyone used this system by Clearasil.I have this pigmentation or scars on my back for ages now.Probably they have faded a little but still they are really visible.Please someone give me an advice what to do with these.
  6. Hi , I used to have really bad acne on my back that has left me with a lot brown spots and ugly looking skin.Do you think that Advanced Solutions At Home MicroDermabrasion System by Neutrogena will improve the look of my skin? Look the pics ...........
  7. But I've had these for ages now.Does pigmentation stay for that long?? What can I do to get rid of it?
  8. Hi, I'm a 32 year old male.I started getting back acne when I was about 17.I dont breakout on my back anymore but I have had these scars that I think have faded a little but still I would like to use something that would help them fade away sooner.I have attached some images please let me know what do you think.........
  9. Hi , Recently I used the acne complex from Murad.It did not really work.The only thing that worked a little was the sulfur 6% ointment.Does anyone know where can I get any medication for acne that has sulfur in form of a bar,ointment, mask or anything.
  10. Hi Im 32 years old and I started breaking out around the age of 16.I used to get severe acne on my back.I also used to get a lot of spots on and around my nose.I stopped breaking out on my back about 7,8 years ago but I still breakout on and around the nose.I think it is rosacea but I i dont see any nerves or anything.I have tried proactive , it worked well around the nose but i still would get spots on my nose.I 'd rather have a spot on the cheek than on the nose.If someone knows anything about
  11. I'm sorry I'm not familiar the term microdermabrasion.
  12. Well, I've had these brown scars or hyperpigmentation for years and it does not like they have faded.So can that still be hyperpigmentation
  13. I have these brown scars on my back from that acne I used to get on my back, Im not familiar with the types of scars but my skin color is tan, and the scars are kinda dark brown.Is there anything that really would work.