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  1. First off.. what exactly is the problem with your skin tone? Persistant redness? The only quick-fix "temporary" solution I can think of is makeup.
  2. I'm surprised that BP has helped since you have rosacea. Typically, BP + rosacea = very irritating. Did you ever try any rosacea topicals(ie metrogel) before you found this regimen?
  3. I don't see why you wouldn't moisturize unless you want dry/flaky skin..?
  4. Jojoba oil was an effective moisturizer for me as well. When I was on acne medication my skin was really dry and flaky. Jojoba oil was the only thing that eliminated flakiness and didn't require me to reapply it during the day. It also never irritated my skin. This is the moisturizer I am currently using. It is a bit lighter(I'm not on acne meds anymore) but very non-irritating.
  5. Congrats.. I've always been way too scared to get IPL, although it seems like the only truly effective method to eliminate rosacea out there. How bad was your bruising afterwards?
  6. Your picture has pretty bad lighting. I can't really see what you are talking about. Could you post another one in normal room light?
  7. Back when I was on the regimen, my face was very dry and gradually got redder and redder. I tried quite a few moisturizers but Jojoba oil was by far the most effective for dryness. I honestly don't think you will find anything that eliminates the redness. BP is just very irritating for some people, and you will likely continue to have this reaction while you use it.
  8. My advice would be to stop putting things on your face. I can virtually guarantee BP and Retin A aren't helping w/ your overall redness. I have no experience or knowledge with asprin masks so I can't comment on that. There are several reasons why you might be experiencing facial redness. It could(hopefully) just be a temporary reaction to the topicals you are putting on your face. It could also be a more permanent condition(such as rosacea) that was brought out by your acne medications. Seeing
  9. I have been using Metrogel 1% for about a month. My experience has been positive. I feel like my overall complexion/redness has improved alittle. More than anything, my skin's texture has definitely improved. It has cleared up most of the acne-like side effects of my rosacea.
  10. I've thought about VBeam or IPL but am too scared to try them.. Please keep us updated on your results. I would like to see how long it takes for the bruising to fade.
  11. Could you upload a larger picture? I can't really see what you're talking about.
  12. It's hard to say exactly what your redness is from with 100% certainty. Many acne products can leave your face with temporary redness. They can also bring out long term redness as rosacea. Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser shouldn't be making your face red. It is one of the more widely used cleansers for people with rosacea due to its gentleness. I think your best bet would be to see a dermatologist and get an expert's opinion. A dermatologist would be able to diagnose you and allow you to treat t
  13. If you really do have rosacea, BP will only irritate it. I speak from first hand experience. Have you seen a dermatologist?
  14. I honestly believe people on here are paranoid about dermatologists(and doctors in general). I've never had a bad experience with a dermatologist. At any rate.. of course it would be a good idea to ask as many questions as possible. They will likely prescribe you a topical + antibiotic combo. I don't see what they would possibly prescribe that would make your acne worse.. I mean there are pretty standard medications that all dermatologists generally prescribe for acne. Ask them to explain each p
  15. I haven't had any laser treatments done.. but have read enough about them to try to answer your questions. I don't think your dermatologist will recommend laser treatment. Unless your broken blood vessels are fairly severe and noticeable I just don't think they would recommend it to someone your age. 1. How much does it cost? Vbeam and IPL sessions usually cost $300-600. Depending on how many sessions you have you can expect to pay $1000-1500+ total. 2. How long does it take and how many time