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  1. I also started Resveratrol recently. Saturday night to be exact. I will be starting at 1gram of trans-resveratrol a day and bumping it up to 2 if necessary. I will give weekly to bi-weekly updates.
  2. brookeeugogirl, i've actually saw some of her clips on youtube and was interested in getting pixel done there. can you pm me with the costs of each session?
  3. The pharmacist is an idiot. How much do you weigh? weight has nothing to do with it. although i wouldn't say it happens to everyone, it is possible for people to breakout when dosage is increased.
  4. LiliVG, I've been reading through your thread during the past two days. I bought some taurine, vitamin b50, and magnesium online. You said that taurine has helped control oil production. How oily would you say your face was before taurine?
  5. IB referred to in the Accutane posts stands for Initial Breakout. In other forums like Nutrion & Holistics, it may stand for irritable bowel.
  6. Maybe some of you can tell from my username that I'm Korean. Hearing that Accutane was cheaper in other countries, my mom took the prescription to Korea and got it filled there. But oddly, one of the types of generic Accutane comes in tablet form. I'm worried that the absorption rates would be less with tablets as opposed to capsules that they sell in the US. Does any have any opinions on this?
  7. I think two things: First, I think your skin looks great. Second, I think you should shave. Hair like that on the upperlip is a no,no.
  8. Oddly enough, after doing the calculations, TennesseeGirl has only taken 110mg/kg and has seemingly achieved better results than others who've taken the recommended cumulative dose.
  9. Susan, I've clicked through many of your posts and I hope you could answer a couple of questions for me. I've read that Smoothbeam works by causing mild injury to sebaceous glands through use of heat. This is suppposed to result in less acne along with less oil production. I've also read that PDT can result in reduced oil production. Although I do not have much acne, I have extremely oily skin. Which treatment, Smoothbeam or PDT, would be most effective in "controlling oily skin"? Als
  10. the liquid is supposed to be the most effective of all the bha solutions. and they do offer a spray pump on the top. that's what I use to apply my bha. =)
  11. any reason why you guys are using the lotion/gel over liquid?
  12. Some of you guys sound brainwashed. Well, I've been taking Zinc(gluconate) for about a month now. I did also buy chelated Zinc which is talked about on this link: http://www.mashmagazine.com/00april/aprilzinc.html But I decided to stick with Zinc gluconate for now. Will keep you guys updated.
  13. Sounds interesting. Maybe because I'm Asian. Haha. I'd like to know. Where are you going to buy the dong quai?
  14. If you're talking about the Juliet's line. The Wash, Scrub, and Cream(Lotion). I would suggest not buying it.
  15. As for Zinc, there's debate about which form of Zinc is best for acne? The main ones are Gluconate, Picolinate, Chelated Zinc, and OptiZinc. The most "widely" talked about form of Zinc for treating acne is Zinc Gluconate. There is also disagreement over what is the amount is beneficial for acne. Most places that I've looked up say that around 50mg should be taken for Acne, but doses up to 100mg are safe. Doses above 100mg are not poisonous. However, doses over 100mg can result in a weakene