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  1. You know I used to take milk thistle when I was in college in attempt to ressurect my liver after 12 hours of drinking, and I never got sick nor did it seem to affect me (and at the time my liver had to be working overtime). I would think you could use it while on accutane...but I'm not a doctor. Your liver will eventually repair itself, but it's just a matter of time. So all night drinking binges are probably out during and for the year after accutane, asuming you want to restore a majoity o
  2. Hey, for lip balm have you tried Aquaphor (glorified Petrolium Jelly) or Vasoline? Aquaphor works great for me. I started with Carmex but the it burns from too much salicylic acid. Also, no lemon juice. That's citric acid and it's only going to aggravate your skin. I know how frustrating it is with the marks on the face, but just try to be as gentle as possible with your skin. Acids and bases are no-nos on irritated skin (they'll act as exfoliants-which is exactly what accutane to doing as i
  3. Have you heard of anyone taking accutane while working in a chem lab? I've been afraid to ask any of my coworkers or even let on that I'm taking the medicine, lest I draw any additional attention to the breakout. I'm curious to know if there is any topical moisturizer (that actually moisturizes) that protects against the dry air environment and all the airborne chemical irritants I encounter in the lab. I really think it has been the lab that has caused so much havoc on my skin (but I'm only
  4. I'm in the same boat. Every day I think that it's starting to get a little better....and then I'll get a small whitehear that'll grow to a giant throughout the day, or a small red spot will turn into a large cyst. It's absolutely crazy how the increase in dosage has wrecked havoc on my skin. My derma says I can call and come in same day if I want to have cortisone shots, but I really don't want to become a daily visitor. I'll go in once next week (already got some shots this week), and if th
  5. Wow, I hope my results look as good as your when I cross the 45 day mark.
  6. Hey Maverick, Thanks for posting this log. Reading it and other logs I've stumbled upon have helped me to seek out and begin accutane treatment. I've just started treatment today and I can only hope it goes as well as yours. I've begun a log on here as well in hopes of keeping a written account of my progress and in hopefully providing aide and encouragement to others who are in the same boat. Sounds like your progress has been awesome. Hope mine goes as smoothly.
  7. Hi all. I was inspired to keep a daily accutane log after reading a few on here. I've acquired a lot of knowledge concerning products to use and what to expect from the treatment, and I'm thankful for those who have shared their information. I'm a 25 y/o male (155 lb) who's had moderate cystic acne for the last decade. I also get ingrown hairs on occasion due to my curly facial hair. That's usually faily controlled by witch hazel containing products (Zirh Erase). My skin has had ups and do