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  1. hey, i just wanted to tell you that ive been reading your log, and AWESOME JOB MAMA!! you are doing great, just keep it up and you will kick acne right outta your system! i just wish i was as motivated as you.. i have to FORCE myself to wash my face at night.. its a lot easier to just crawl into bed...
  2. yeah i started retin-a... its really not that bad.. i had a bad initial breakout, and it took a while to clear but heck, my skin is SOOOOOO much clearer now! so it doesnt matter! DO IT.
  3. coolchicka07

    myself and various other things

    again, myself and various other things
  4. oh whoops! im such a loser! i freaking post my reginme and post it wrong! lol! i normally dont put the rentin-a on in the morning, it makes my makeup look weird and all ugly-fied... so yeah i only put the rentin-a on at night! i changed my original post so its right now! thanks em!
  5. get a derm to perscribe you some Benzaclin... its REALLY clearing my back and chest acne up... but dont put it on your face, my derm says its too harsh for your face hope this helps!! love, jeana
  6. welllllll lets see... when i first started rentin-a... i broke out a tinge... i got like 3 pimples on my forehead and 2 right next to the left side of my mouth... the ones on my forehead weren't bad at all they cleared up in about a day and a half.. but the ones by my mouth.. mannn... im about 4-5 weeks into my reginme.. and they are STILL there! they are FINALLY starting to clear up though... so happyface for that! the mosturizer i am using is a guess a little tester bottle.. i got it fr
  7. alright i was wondering if you guys could give me some opinions on the stuff i am doing for my acne at the moment! it would be super appreciated! Morning -- in shower wash face with Purpose cleanser... i think its pretty much like cetaphil, but im not sure -- dry off, put on Benzaclin on my back/chest acne ONLY --after getting dressed- mousterize with lotion.. its a non-comodegenic thingy.. its cool... Night --wash face with Purpose cleanser -- put on retin-a-micro -- if i tak
  8. hey i started retina a little bit ago.. a couple of weeks.. the initial breakout wasn't bad at all... i just had like... 3 zits on my forehead.. and two on the left side of my mouth... the 3 zits on my forehead weren't even bad at ALL cleared up in a day... the 2 on the left side of my mouth are BAD though.. i started it about a month ago and they are STILL there... blahhh but i keep pickin at em! lol... oh! one word of advice... MOURTERIZE!! i thought my face was super super hella oily and
  9. man, looks like i bought some shitty products! oh well.... clean works for me.. pretty much, continous i dont like as much, but it works okay.. aquasmooth ROCKS.. it is a wunnerful product!
  10. if there was a god, we wouldnt have had the holocaust... why would he want 974864524184926451246913219134213164579458421312346591050548748849811324564987975646348978548649484858545456984534132495815648945231312387896454687865454544145849897959632587412974864524184926451246913219134213164579458421312346591050548748849811324564987975646348978548649484858545456984534132495815648945231312387896454687865454544145849897959632587412974864524184926451246913219134213164579458421312346591050548748849811
  11. stef do you use powder?? or do you not need it cause you arent very oily?? just wondering
  12. oooo try covergirl aquasmooth.. i preach that stuff ALL over the place!
  13. awww sad... no one replies!! i feel rejected... lol