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  1. im using Clean & Clear Facial Cleanser
  2. so instead of applying benzamycin every night, i should do it every other day now till my skin get back to normal...cool thanks but its still ok to put on like facial cleansers right? thanks alot, much appreciated
  3. has any of you dealt with this (I'm sure you have) I've been on Banzamycin for almost a month now and yes, it has helped my acne but my cheeks have all these peeling marks and somparts of my skin is peeling while some are fine...I have to use my nails to peel it off...before i thought it would peel casuse of water but it doesnt so now...i just leave it alone and it has calmed down a bit but there are still peeling spots...its wierd and annoying help?
  4. ok can anyoine help me with skin peeling...what do u do there?
  5. oooh thats what was wrong with me....my skins all dry....i havent been putting moisturizer on for the sake of cloggin my pores but now i will thx
  6. I've been usin it for 2 weeks now (it says it takes atleast a month for results) ive gotten considerbly less acne but the thing is, thers now scars all over my cheeks tho I have not popped a single pimple... and on top of the the scars (mostly black marks) there is also dryness at which points it hurts when i smile... can anyone help me out?
  7. um... i dont extactly know the spelling of it....the doc told me this one helps clear it in a month or two... i donno what to believe... that thing about my skin is, i get break outs (white heads mostly) AND i have dry skin (white parts across my face) that= a deadly combination help me....
  8. yeah i got the same problem too...its mostly whiteheads i use this St.Ives apricot Cleaner formula where ur supposed to do it like once or twice a week...hasnt really helped i have dry spots right on my lip, on the outer brink of it...I might try the regimen but thinking about going to a Dcotor first but if there's any thing that can get rid of just the whiiteheads then im sure ill be problem free...aside from the dryness lol