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  1. I probably say about 500 words total in a year to my mum. We don't really get on at all. Not in the mood to talk when you have acne.
  2. I think it depends on the individual's skin. Everybody's skin reacts differently to different levels (percentage) of BP. I guess trial and error to see which percentage suits your skin the best. :)
  3. Lol nope just lots of redness. ......well a bit of dryness, but that's normal when u get sunburnt..err..isn't it?
  4. Lol I forgot to re-apply after 2 hrs. Dumb I know
  5. Spent a bit too long at the beach today, and ended up with a massive sunburn.. So my question is, is it safe to apply benzoyl peroxide to sunburnt skin? I know that benzoyl peroxide makes you more prone to sunburn but what about applying it to sunbunrt skin? Should i skip applying BP for a few days or is it safe to apply it now? Any comments would be helpful. Thanx.
  6. I think the best solution is just to put the itch under running cold water from the tap or something. Works for me.
  7. My social life has virutally slowed over the last couple of years. It's like my friends have all moved on, their lives have progressed, and i'm stuck in a period of my life where i don't wish to be in.
  8. I actually hate it when there is dull natural light outside (overcast/cloudy conditions). My skin looks far worse then. Bright sunshine doesn't seem to be as bad, lights up my face a bit more and doesn't seem to look as bad as natural dull light.
  9. WoW! Tried this for the first time tonight, and wow, it really does seem to work. I had a blackhead problem on my nose and now they've virtually dissapated altogether. I also have mild-moderate acne on my face and this seems as if it has really helped! Even though i've only done this once, I'm confident that this will work for me long term. I actually looked in the mirror and liked what I seen for once! WOOT! Thanx so much for posting this.
  10. If I had perfect skin, I'd definitely be more outgoing. I guess I'd show it off, but not in an arrogant way, but in a confident way. I'm playin it low at the moment. Guess if the world wasn't so judgemental on visual appearance/first impressions, i'd be outgoing all the time.
  11. :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: :wall: Do you like, skim read posts or something? In response to: Try thinking of what you're saying from this perspective: "I eat peanut butter all the time, and I don't have severe allergic reactions." SOME DO AND SOME DON'T! Majority of population don't though. So how can your statement apply to everyone?!?! It can't.
  12. Yeah same. Got all 24 stitches removed today so hopefully all good now. :D Yeah I hate dentist appointments too, it's bad enough they make you wear those lame safety goggles or whatever, and then u have the added embarassment of the dentist and his/her assistants all staring at ya face with that light glorifying your flaws for everyone in the room to see.