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  1. I guess it might be raisin, gotta check whether the raisin contains the culprit ingredient
  2. I would say "Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser", I have been using this since three years ago, so far so good.
  3. I have no idea of the products listed above, but please try this: Sana pore vacuum, it is a exfoliator from Japan line, it solved my problem, I have been using three tubes. It costs only USD 10 for a tube of 40g. HTH.
  4. For night, Milk Cleansing (as make up remover) -> Deep Cleansing -> Exfoliate (once a week is enough) -> Toner - > Serum -> Night Cream For day, Milk Cleansing -> Toner -> Day Cream (moisturiser) + Sunblock If you wanna have mask on that day, it could be: For night, Milk Cleansing (as make up remover) -> Deep Cleansing -> Exfoliate (once a week is enough) -> Deep Cleansing Mask (Wash off) ->Toner -> Tissue Mask (Hydrating, Whitening...etc) - > Seru
  5. One more vote for Queen Helene's mint julep masque from me. I have been using this mask three times a week for the past few years. It works! For deep cleansing purpose, I also exfoliate once a week using exfoliator from Sana, a Japanese line. It works wonder as well!! HTH.
  6. Green tea didnt cause a breakout to me so far as I have been consuming it occasionally, sometimes even up to three cups a day also didnt cause any problem except insomnia
  7. It is called "oily inside and dry outside" in chinese medicine perspective. I have this problem, I was told that it is due to hormonal imbalance.
  8. I tried this before, I was curious to know the effect too, but I ended up in two days because my gastric came back due to the acidity of lemon, I guess. Keep us updated!
  9. Dr Mercola has suggested that the liquid form is much better than the capsule one. The seven seas brand has liquid form as well.
  10. I have no idea, but, I dont have any problem with milk after having it for about five years continuously. But, I stopped consuming milk recently and changed to soy, there is possible risk of osteoporosis linked to milk.
  11. Yeah, Zinc has prevented me from breakout since one year ago! I love Zinc! Great to know that it helps you too.
  12. Dear all, I have taken purely fruit and vegetable for the past three months with small amount of nuts and seeds, occasionally I will take egg or meat for about once or twice a month. As a result, I have no breakout and clear skin, thanks for that. But, I have my period stop for three months since I started this new diet style. I did some reading and they did mention that sudden diet style change may affect the period somehow. My main concern actually is, I did feel frequent urination urge and s