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  1. swingswing


    pix of moi
  2. haha i was gonna post this!!!! its an insult 2 ppl wit acne!
  3. nahh iv seen her on cam! n yea, i might do hmmm it aint for losers! i know a few ppl who met off the net n they got engaged!! u eva met ne1 off the net reenz?
  4. true :S im such a wuss!!! u eva met anyone off the net b4?
  5. 1st post ere by the way...girls keep wantin 2 meet me on msn (got acne, obviously not the worst type) taken pix off my web cam 4 ppl (cant tell iv got acne) y wud i wana show them that? but i told them i had spots n stuff n they sed they still wana meet n when i say no, cos i hav no confidence at all. we fall out!!! its just daft... my fault i guess, i do lead them on...but neva mentioned nefin about meetin up (dont hav a go at me) lol anyone had problems like this!??! also y the hell do i ke