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    I am not a patriot of the USA. I hate this country. I like the way european countries function much better. In the USA it's all about money. Almost everyone is selfish and arrogant here, and they only care about themselves. But it's pretty evident how pathetic we are to vote for our current president. This country sucks! <br /><br />Just wanted to make that clear, anyways, about me:<br /><br />I like to read on the internet. <br /><br />My favorite website is IMDb.com<br /><br />You can also email me at: [email protected]
  1. Often when I shave I nick when I go against the grain around my chin area and bleed a little. I will usually just put pressure on the area and then put the BP gel on and do the rest of the regimen. If I don't go agaisn t the grain I don't get a close enough shave. I have two questions: Is it okay to do the reegimen right after being cut Is it okay to expose the bp gel to fresh cuts? And how do you suggest shaving to aviod that tricky area around the chin?
  2. Yep, I know what you mean. You need to try to keep you face dry as possible while wearing the BP gel. If you work out you should try to plan your regimen to work with your routine. For example: If you work out, try late in the day after the gel has been on your skin the whole day so you've gotton the full day of use out of it. Also by the end of the day the gel has worn off a little so if you get sweaty it won't burn as bad. If you work out very early in the morning consider not doing the regime
  3. I bet we'll see it on the market in december '06. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey Dan, I know you're busy and if you remember I was one who was complaining about not needing moisturizer and it being irretating. Well now my skin is starting to get dry and flaky. I think the reason why it wasn't for awhile was because my air conditioning was not working and the heat and humidity was keeping me persperate all day keeping my skin from getting dry but now that it's fixed, it is getting dry. I know you said the one with SPF would take rigorous regulation testing before it can
  5. I actually bought that Q10. It is thicker than the Eucerin Renewal and takes longer to work in. I didn't like it. But I don't like any miosturizers.
  6. That's interesting, reading this made me think any oxidizing cream shouldwork with acne. Plus Hydrogen peroxide creams sound like they don't carry this risk of cancer. But now in days, what doesn't?
  7. Hey everyone, I got more proactive about my skin (no pun intended) when I got this very unsightly and embarrassing acne on my nose that I think you would define as a nodule. It was one big red nodule right on the tip of my nose. When that happened, that was the last straw with my disinterested and lackluster attempts at eliminating my acne, I was going to find something that works and permanently. So I started to do some research with google and I quickly came on to this site. It was perfect, a
  8. Hey Dan, you said you tried a lot of topical treatments but I don’t remember if you mentioned these? If you do have any knowledge on these I would like to hear it. Thanks
  9. Maybe you guys don't brush thoroughly enough. I do brush with an electric toothbrush but it is starting to feel like a jackhammer on my teeth or one of those automatic chiselers. That's why I am starting to go back to a regular brush. I use that Sonicare electric toothbrush but it's starting to feel like it is wearing away my enamel more than cleaning my teeth. I only use that when my mouth is really dirty. But when I do, if I open my mouth too wide, the toothpaste will splatter everywhere. That
  10. Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion I am convinced acne and BP doesn't work like this. I'm suprised how many people keep thinking it's the oil on the toplayers of the face that get your pores clogged. Bacteries, I can imagine, you want to clean your face twice a day to not make the population of bacteria huge, but even that is far away from the real cause. It's the pores deep down inside that get clogged by trapped skin, afterwards, it's the sebumproduction deep down in your sk
  11. Hey Dan, we’ve talked in the past and I know you’re busy and probably getting sick of repetitive questions, but please answer this thoroughly when you get a chance. I don’t need moisturizer at all IMO. My skin does not feel dry at all after applying the CSR gel to my skin. I only had a slight problem with that when I first started and it quickly went away. In fact, I often add some 5% or 10% benzyl peroxide ointment to the gel because yours doesn’t feel strong enoug
  12. I appreciate your comments everyone. I actually did go see a dermatologist back in December but she wasn’t very helpful. I had to wait six months to get in to see her and she wanted to rush the visit as fast as she could and I forgot to ask her some questions. My mom told me that’s typical of Dermatologists. The Dermatologist didn’t tell me anything I didn’t all ready know. She told me about that bacteria causing acne and prescribed to me this antibiotic gel called “Clindagelâ€
  13. Hey, if Dan's gel hasn't worked for you, then what have you used? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what area of brooklyn do you live in? I was just there a few weeks ago. I was in a pretty ghetto area. I went there with my brother to pick up a car he bought off of ebay, but he backed out of the deal because the car dealer was shady.
  14. This is very likely why you aren't having success right now with the CSR. Are you even on the Regimen? For most people it is essential to do the process twice a day, each and every day, without skipping. If you aren't using the bp as often as you should, then that is probably why you aren't clear. Try getting on the CSR properly, and religiously do it. It has the best chance of working for you if you do it as Dan has described. I started the regimen in late august 05’ and for abo
  15. Yes I used Oxy too and it doesn't do anything anymore either. Sometimes I mixed a little 5% or 10% Oxy on the spot with Dan's gel so it would help it sink in. But I feel like I have become immune to everything. I'm disgusted after all these products, money and time I spend on my skin it just comes right back as soon as I slow down.