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  1. Would that negate my need for retinols and mandelic acid?
  2. My acne type is mild to moderate. I'm plagued with comedones, black heads, small white heads (like millia), and very occasional pustules. Current regimen: Morning and night: Wash with Dan's cleanser and brush with the baby brush Paula's Choice 2% BHA's Erythromicyn 2% Dan's BP Dan's Moisturizer I also follow a ketogenic diet where I eat fats and proteins and no carbs, and exercise/hydrate regularly. Now, my face is doing okay, but just okay. I still get pustules every once in awhile, have
  3. I eat extremely healthy, get all kinds of great exercise in, am out in the sun moderately and I went tanning for a little bit this year (hope to go some more). But still sometimes my face is REALLY white. Especially after I cleanse. Could it be low blood pressure? I get tingly thighs sometimes. What can I do to solve this?
  4. I know that most people use the baby brush for the face, and it works, but what about the rest of the body? Is a scrub, or a special brush better? Is this scrub a rip off? https://nchowdary.qbeautyzone.com/products/...x?itemno=100777 And should you exfoliate your body everyday? The skin is obviously a bit tougher than the face, and chafes against clothes all the time, so I'd think so.
  5. I don't have too much bacne or anything, but I want my body's skin to be healthy and smooth. What do you use? Is a scrubbing brush better than a rub type exfoliator?
  6. That's the worst idea ever. You should feel bad for even thinking about it.
  7. I just looked in the mirror for the first time today to notice that the skin on my face is really cured. All the live acne and red scars seriously died down, I barely can see any blackheads, and the skin is smooth rather than rough and uneven. Even the little fold lines on my forehead pretty much took a hike. I LOOK LIKE A LAWYER! The only thing out of the ordinary is that I'm a bit sick and I haven't been eating as much as I used to (But I have been eating a lot more compared to 3 days ago).
  8. My jumbo pack of sea salt happens to be refined instead of unrefined so it's bascially crap. So I was wondering.. what about MINERAL water? It has oxidizing properties and with some simple salts added to it, couldn't it be just as good if not better than just plain sea salt? I mean the best thing about ocean water is the minerals along with the bacteria killing salt. Soo.... What if we mix the two? I think this should be a new experiment. I missed the last helicopter out of town so I might n
  9. ^ there should be no problem unless it makes you drowsy. Then you might drown.
  10. IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ: Okay, I said I wasn't going to update but this is serious. I almost fainted during the treatment and I would like to set up some guidelines for people who are going to use this. DO NOT stay in if you feel like you want to take a rest for any reason. If you feel unsure whether you can get out, TAKE YOUR TIME. Don't stand up quickly or you are guaranteed to come crashing down. If you feel you can't stand up, and are stuck in the water just drain it. It may seem a bit
  11. Aye, quite a deal that is. I saved quite a pain on shipping by having my local health store agree to order it for me. I have it now, but there is quite a problem. First of all, it actually IS refined sea salt. I happens to have a sort of chloride additive in it, and it's in fine grain. I hope that's not a problem though. It really shouldn't be as it will disappear anyhow. We shall see by next week (No matter how thrilled I am about my results, I will not report until a full seven moon has been i
  12. What a noob. You need to upload the picture. We can't see your hard drive. www.imageshack.us