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  1. its so easy to think that once you're in the rut of having acne. but let me tell you the minute it goes away, you will find a new problem to complain about (i mean hopefully not, but usually this is the case).. happened to me. what i can tell you.. is the more you think to yourself if only if only.. this one little thing were gone.. the more it will have the power over you.. and the power to eat you up inside. BUT don't let it. tell yourself you are the best you can be RIGHT NOW. there is no la
  2. glad to hear your getting over this on a whim.. but for some people. its a much longer journey than that. if you truly are over it.. the next step is to stay modest, and assist other down the same path. you are right to brush is off as so many others wish they could. show people the way and stay positive Good luck to you
  3. what your going through is one of the hardest things, because it interferes with your functioning in every day life. don't let others tell you any different. this is a very real problem, and even harder because its hard to tell others. one tip you can try.. is covering the mirrors in your home. I just came back from a trip to israel.. i didnt have a decent mirror for two weeks, and it felt great. honestly.. i think u could try it.. also.. in any case distraction method always proves reliable.
  4. became health conscious, and product conscious. i am into organic vitamins and teas. i have also become an extremely empathetic person.. and i not only see other peoples pain, but i feel it because ive felt it myself.. and this constantly drives me to help others and learn from others. i also.. care less about what people think about me.. because i know i always try my best. and ive dealt with so much adversity, that all i care about now is my mental health and continuing on this journey of help
  5. are u considering accutane at all? as harsh as it may be.. it saved my life.
  6. hey man.. let me tell u.. what you're going through is really tough. Remember to give yourself credit, because its damn hard to live with acne, keep a relationship, even go out as you say.. but you gotta remember that its truly about accepting the situation. Excepting that you have skin that flairs up, and that you can't control that. you need to accept that about yourself, and learn to defend who you are even with your disease that you can't control. The point is, you can't control it.
  7. Hi there! i currently take 300mg fish oil capsule from gnc.. (but im pretty sure u can get them at a better place) what is interesting to me.. is that i watched a video on you tube.. by this doctor who claims.. krill oil is better than fish oil.. for many reasons.. u can check him out.. just type in: why fish oil is not the best omega 3
  8. i miss this kiss/technique he did.. where he's suck all the air out of my lungs.. it was soo funny and cool at the same time.. it would leave me literally out of breath
  9. i just had one of those bad experiences with minerals. (garbage) get ponds cold cream and work it off witha rag.. then exfoliate ps. makeup is bad for you
  10. i hear u .. and seriously no matter what happens let yourself go at your own pace. when you do this everything is possible.. anything can be fixed trust me.. give things time and appreciate your own motivation to fix the problem.. your suffering is certainly individual.. but that means that your perspective will be too.. keep talking to others and help others who are in your position. seriously its all about mindset. get rid of the fear.. and say.. i have this. the fact that im dealing with it
  11. dude.. i really understand what ure going thru.. i didnt show my face for 5 years straight.. im telling u.. accutane fuck everyone.. its not worth it to cover ure face with makeup every dya.. i feel so liberated now that i stopped wearing it.. makeup is not your skin.. for acne sufferers it is only a temporary high.. or maybe just art..b ut its not a solution tot he acne or to your emotions.. quit the makeup.. and your skin will get better without it.. trust me i use to look lik crap without mak
  12. you ask when... lets say the suffering is for eternity.. something needs to be changed.. something is drastically in need of change.. pin point what that is.. and use ALLLLL YOUR resources u have..parents, money, psychologists, friends, everyone everything and make them help YOU.. u deserve to be helped and u will!!!!! not everyones journey in life is the same.. your might need to be slowed down right now.. so u can heal and focus on the problems that urgently need to be addressed. of course y
  13. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU DESERVE THAT HAPPINESS! go get it and bring it to others.. show people the way!! dont give up.. dont ever give up
  14. HEY GIRL, IT IS WORTH IT TO CONTINUE ON AND GRAB THAT HAPPINESS THAT YOU WAIT FOR DAY IN AND DAY OUT When u can defeat your own psychological barriers.. and free yourself from the illusion that you don't have choice in your life.. that you are prisoner.. this is not meant in any way to b offensive.. but something i've discovered is that.. putting everything in perspective and saying, ok, For instance today at school was shitty, but hey.. i'm ganna keep going because I WANT to get better at this