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  1. Day 78* so lazy with the updates forehead: dying bump clear basically. one bump on 4. 15 - 12
  2. Forgot to update in long time Day 67* no bumps really. cept a little bit of stuff on jaw line. 10 - 12
  3. Day 60* left side: umm, not much really, just redness. right side: the bump is just really really small, and white. jawline has a bit of a bump though basically, just redness right now 9 - 12
  4. Day 57* left side: black dot almost gone. old bump almost gone chin: 1 bump forming (?) 1 white head and 1 bump near mouth right side: bump in cluster is nothing. bump on cheek isn't that bad. jaws the same 8 - 12
  5. Day 56* left side: black dot still there. bump still bleeding. chin: bump near mouth. bump might form near chin right side: bump at cluster might be going already. new bump may be forming near cheek. jawline still hurts 8 - 12
  6. Day 55* left side: black dot still there. current bump bled out. jawline is sorta lumpy right side: new bump is still quiet. jawline is hurting with bumps. still very spotty. 8 - 12
  7. Day 54* left side: dead bump is a black lump. current bump on cheek is peaking. jawline has a little bit of lumps as well right side: oh boy, the cluster field is getting a new bump i think. the moment it gets big, i'm getting it injected. jawline has lumps too. i think i'm breaking out again?? =( ahh, so close, yet so far. my discolouration is really bad, or maybe it's my imagination? fuck. so pissed off yet again. one week ago, i was feeling good. now, not so much. diet? lack
  8. day 53* left side: old bump still a bump. new bump getting red and swollen. but it's on the side of face, so not too worried, it hurts though. fuck right side: bump on jawline 8 - 11
  9. Day 52* been really really lazy with this. but holy shit, i think i'm getting black heads or something. what the heck, i don't think i've had these black dots before. i just for the first time in my life noticed black dots forming on my face. they aren't that that noticeable, i hope. are they black heads or what the fuck? they're not bumps, they're just black dots. left side: old bump near ear is dead, just raised. new bump on cheek hurts, but it's not that noticeable. right side: ja
  10. thanks! day 48* 1 dead bump to speak of on left side basically, just discoloured sorta. 7 - 10
  11. Day 47* gotten really lazy left side: bump near ear is dead, just needs to shrink. spot near eye is dead, just discoloured. jaw is ok. right side: cluster still discoloured. jaw has one bump no real real bumps to speak of. problem is mostly spots and dots i guess. 7 - 10
  12. Day 44* left side: bump near ear, dead, but still present. old rudolph is still discoloured. the jaw might have a new bump. chin: white spot near mouth right side: jaw has new bump i gotta stop scratching my jaw, so itchy though. 6 - 10
  13. day 42* left side: spot near ear isn't that big of deal. old spot still on its way out. jawline is the same chin: got tiny white head. meh right side: just discoloured 6 - 10
  14. left side: new spot near ear?? old spot basically gone, just discoloured. jaw is basically clear, just discoloured. right side: no change. just discoloured. maybe new bumps near ear? 6 - 10
  15. Day 40* left side: the spot is almost gone. gonna leave a mark though. the jaw is sorta okay. the bump is not much of a problem ::knock on wood:: right side: pretty much free of bumps, just discoloured forehead: bump on eyebrow, not worried 6 - 10
  16. Day 39* left side: bump slowly dying. jawline bump sorta growing chin: clear right side: cluster is clear, just coloured. jawline is sorta lumpy. but no bumps really 6 - 10
  17. Day 38* left side: bump is still there. jawline is basically unchanged, the tiny bump still there chin: right side sorta has a bump, i think. right side: cluster seems ok. the jawline is sorta bumpy. not many though 6 - 10
  18. Day 37* left side: no change to rudolph. the jaw sorta has a new bump, not too sure how it's gonna end. right side: the bump has burst. the jaw is no change 6 - 10
  19. Day 36* left side: rudolph has been wounded, slowly bleeding, soft now. still prominent. jawline is meh. right side: the white bump is sorta weirdish. not sure what to make of it. hope it's not a wart. jawline bump is still invisible to others only 2 real bumps to speak of. the rest is discolouration that pisses me off. and my skin is like an old catchers mitt. not enough moisturizer perhaps? 5 - 10
  20. Day 35* left side: rudolph is oozing. but still sorta prominent. it's been injected before, but still a bitch. not much to say bout jawline right side: spot in the cluster is small, but it's hard. weird. jawline has a new bump. but it's invisible 5 - 10
  21. Day 34* left side: rudolph is still sorta present. hard to explain. the jawline stuff sorta still there right side: the bump in the cluster field is still small. the jawline is not really anything. but colour and complexion is still bad. 5 - 10
  22. Day 34* left side: the spot that was injected seems to be re-growing. what the fuck. hope it's not my imagination. the jaw bump(s) are sorta dying down. right side: the bump thing under eye looks to be nothing ?? jaw stuff are almost gone. still discoloured 5 - 10
  23. Day 32* left side: the spot that was injected reduced, but now it seems that it stopped shrinking, maybe even getting bigger (?) the jawline is getting tiny bumps, but that's cuz i've been scartching like crazy right side: not sure if i'm getting a new bump in the cluster area or if it's just an old bump still shrinking 5 - 10
  24. Day 30* left side: rudolph is almost gone. jaw bump is still sorta still there. chin: cold sore on lip, might not be bump right side: just lots of discolouration sorta less oily with less bp and less moisturizer 5 - 10
  25. Day 29* left side: the monster is massively reduced. but that's cuz i got a shot yesterday. the jawline is still discoloured, and 1 bump left to go. it's basically dead. chin: upper lip has a weird fucking cold sore or some shit. what the fuck right side: basically bump free, just lots of dots i've sorta scaled back on the bp. the DKR gel was irritating me and itching me and making me oily or something. also scaled back the moisturizer. i wanna see how the mino works anyways. stil