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  1. Day 78* so lazy with the updates forehead: dying bump clear basically. one bump on 4. 15 - 12
  2. Forgot to update in long time Day 67* no bumps really. cept a little bit of stuff on jaw line. 10 - 12
  3. Day 60* left side: umm, not much really, just redness. right side: the bump is just really really small, and white. jawline has a bit of a bump though basically, just redness right now 9 - 12
  4. Day 57* left side: black dot almost gone. old bump almost gone chin: 1 bump forming (?) 1 white head and 1 bump near mouth right side: bump in cluster is nothing. bump on cheek isn't that bad. jaws the same 8 - 12
  5. Day 56* left side: black dot still there. bump still bleeding. chin: bump near mouth. bump might form near chin right side: bump at cluster might be going already. new bump may be forming near cheek. jawline still hurts 8 - 12
  6. Day 55* left side: black dot still there. current bump bled out. jawline is sorta lumpy right side: new bump is still quiet. jawline is hurting with bumps. still very spotty. 8 - 12
  7. Day 54* left side: dead bump is a black lump. current bump on cheek is peaking. jawline has a little bit of lumps as well right side: oh boy, the cluster field is getting a new bump i think. the moment it gets big, i'm getting it injected. jawline has lumps too. i think i'm breaking out again?? =( ahh, so close, yet so far. my discolouration is really bad, or maybe it's my imagination? fuck. so pissed off yet again. one week ago, i was feeling good. now, not so much. diet? lack
  8. day 53* left side: old bump still a bump. new bump getting red and swollen. but it's on the side of face, so not too worried, it hurts though. fuck right side: bump on jawline 8 - 11
  9. Day 52* been really really lazy with this. but holy shit, i think i'm getting black heads or something. what the heck, i don't think i've had these black dots before. i just for the first time in my life noticed black dots forming on my face. they aren't that that noticeable, i hope. are they black heads or what the fuck? they're not bumps, they're just black dots. left side: old bump near ear is dead, just raised. new bump on cheek hurts, but it's not that noticeable. right side: ja
  10. thanks! day 48* 1 dead bump to speak of on left side basically, just discoloured sorta. 7 - 10
  11. Day 47* gotten really lazy left side: bump near ear is dead, just needs to shrink. spot near eye is dead, just discoloured. jaw is ok. right side: cluster still discoloured. jaw has one bump no real real bumps to speak of. problem is mostly spots and dots i guess. 7 - 10
  12. Day 44* left side: bump near ear, dead, but still present. old rudolph is still discoloured. the jaw might have a new bump. chin: white spot near mouth right side: jaw has new bump i gotta stop scratching my jaw, so itchy though. 6 - 10
  13. day 42* left side: spot near ear isn't that big of deal. old spot still on its way out. jawline is the same chin: got tiny white head. meh right side: just discoloured 6 - 10
  14. left side: new spot near ear?? old spot basically gone, just discoloured. jaw is basically clear, just discoloured. right side: no change. just discoloured. maybe new bumps near ear? 6 - 10
  15. Day 40* left side: the spot is almost gone. gonna leave a mark though. the jaw is sorta okay. the bump is not much of a problem ::knock on wood:: right side: pretty much free of bumps, just discoloured forehead: bump on eyebrow, not worried 6 - 10