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    getting my acne cleared
  1. i first started getting mild/moderate acne the summer before my senior year in high school. up until then, i never got acne. in august, i first tried the regimen on this site. all that did was irritate my face and make it twice as bad as before. and yes, i did try the regimen for 6 weeks and i followed it perfectly. by december, id been on all the cyclines but one. and a couple different creams. none of which seemed to work. then in december, i got put on doxycycline and a cream called Du
  2. ur not alone. i got a dans regimen with very light acne. i gave it a 2 month try and all i got by the end of the trial was a bunch of cysts (never before got cysts) and severe acne. i dont think this is just some bullshit coincidence. my face has always been clear, but with a few pimples that pissed me off. i thought this regimen would clear up my face. well, it didnt. my face has never been so horrible and now because of the regimen ill prolly be on accutane soon. im not pissed, i know t
  3. if you are on it now or used to be, would u recommend me getting it? im a little scared about my face getting worse or any other bad side effects. how bad is the initial breakout? how long does it last? how long into the treatment of accutane will i start seein results? and last but not least, wtf can this shit paralyze me?!
  4. i agree. i go into school with zero whiteheads and come home with a few
  5. if u drink, dont get too drunk because u want to be able to remember to do ur routine b4 bed and when u wake up. also b4 bed, drink a nice sized glass of water. the occassional drunk wont hurt a thing. but if u become a heavy drinker, dont be surprised if the acne does get severe
  6. its good to clean out your pores. sweating does just that. but another thing sweating does is annoy the piss out of you, which makes you unconsciously wipe off the sweat, which in turn causes irritation. i dont like heat and sweating because it makes my acne look so much worse. thats why everytime im in my car, i turn on the A/C full blast onto my face even though its like 40 outside
  7. what the hell? ive been on this for almost 2 months now. my face had never been worse. ive never experienced one cyst in my life, but since starting the regimen, ive got a few. never have any of my pimples from my past mild acne caused a scar, but now im noticing a few scars. whats going on? is this making my skin weak for some reason?
  8. unfortunately the only overnight guaranteed redness remover is makeup.
  9. how about a 100% cotton face mask? maybe i can get a hanes shirt and cut little holes in it for my eyes and mouth and wear it for a few days. i would look like a burn victim, but hey itd be worth a shot! ill give the undershirt theory a try. hell i got nothin to lose with the backne