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  1. I think he meant Eurocin gel. Try e-bay.
  2. I got mine at Walmart- both the plant and Fruit of the Earth bottle.
  3. I use a spoon to stir the B5 powder until they are all thoroughly dissolved in the orange juice, nothing left in the glass, nothing wasted :rolleyes:
  4. king

    Emu Oil?

    I bought my emu-oil at the health section of Walmart. It really does calm my skin and helps with active acne.If you still feel greasy after applying for 30 seconds, then you have put too much. It is the best soothing moisturiser I have used so far......
  5. Hi, i'm interested in trying FaceDoctor soap. I live in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Can anyone tell me which drug stores sell this soap? Thanks!