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  1. Of course Accutane is linked to depression. Because Accutane is linked to acne and acne causes depression in many people. So big Deal? Imagine you had severe cystic acne for 4-5 Years. Then you take Accutane (and you acne clears up) and you realize what acne really has done to you and what you missed all those years just because of your skin + some scars are left. Most people propably will get depressed in that case (And with severe scarring a few might even try/commit suicide). But it is still
  2. If you want to test you "pure attracivness" the easiest way is to find a girl with low self confidence/pride, because they usually are "blinded" easiest. I do not think most girls care much about acne scaring. (Severe) Acne: yes ; but scaring: no... There is alot more important features about attractivness and even looks and only very shallow girls will care about your scars! I know that acne is a burden and can ruin your self confidence completely - but there are ways to get it back and
  3. Acne is not caused by diet. But "excessive" acne it is a western society problem. Why? I think there are serveral reasons: 1. Our immune systems are bad, basicly because of our good medicine. Alot of the people in western societies were supposed to die as child in 3thrd world countries. Antibiotics are another reason I think. 2. We are dispossed to alot of stuff we arent suppossed to get in contact with. Air pollution alot of stuff in our food (hormones for example), but you cant really chan
  4. Just ask a small guy and he will tell you the opposite. 99% of all woman would never consider dating a guy smaller than themselves. Unless he is really/really something. Even good lucking Tom Cruise had and has his propblems with size - despite his status. Mature girls do not like baby faces. I mean the face of a 14 teen year old boy (or even younger)... This depends on taste. Some/few girls like bald hair, some like scars... It is something that makes dominant males even more domin
  5. Perhaps people should learn to live with their scars. There are _very_ few people that are really disfigured by their scars. It is the self pitty that makes yuo unattractive _NOT_ the scars - especially true for males. For males there is alot stuff that is worse: (tiny cock, beeing small, baby face, beeing bald, beeing stupid, smelling, bad teeth...) And for women: In my whole live I can maybe remember 1 or 2 woman that I would consider unattractive (not dateable) because they have extremly ba
  6. Still, I believe acne has nothing to do with an unhealthy lifestyle. Imho Acne means, that is something different/wrong/strange with your immune system. Alot like allergies for example. Our immune system overreacts and we get pimples, cysts whatever... Imho this is caused by our exposure to antibiotics and low infant death rates. The second may sound strange, but I am sure alot of the people with allergies/acne and other condictions would have died as infants/children in older cultures. So b
  7. I would not worry too much. There is no single language of dating and (very) only few people are used to dating frequently. Most people life in long and lasting relationships and if they break they arent used to dating more than you. Stay cool do not try too hard and DO NOT TO TRY COPY THIS MTV DATING SHOWS they are pathetic. Do not play games and stay who you are. If there is no physical attraction on both sides (and you will notice this fast) then forget it. Do not take this personal, beca
  8. Probalby because minor scars DO heal over time and because (severe) acne was less common in 1950. My Grandpa acted as if he had never seen acne before, when he saw me first with severe acne...
  9. Ignorance is bliss! For most people (90% ?) there is no such thing as acne aggravating food. Thats just an very old (false) myth. And of course I can dump my education/job just to avoid stress (since stress really aggrevates acne...) yes of course and become a looser like you for the rest of my life (No education and no job -> alot of time to troll in forums)! Be happy if you have clear skin and shut up, you do obviosly not deserve it and you ahve no idea how hard/practicly impossible for
  10. I never took the drug, but I got serious depressed once my acne cleared. It was like I could suddelny feel the pain my acne had caused over the years... So acutally I believe it is not the drug itself, but the process (inital breakout -> clear) that causes depression. I would advise to fight the inital breakout with cortisone to avoid scaring and make the process easier.
  11. Those pictures are ridicolous... Before (heavy shadowing - tangential lightling) -> After (/nosoft shadows - soft lightning) They are fraudulent in my eyes....
  12. No offense, but I do not think your arguments against Accutane are rational. It is perhaps some stuborness or (false) pride. I experienced that myself and it only brought me (more) scars. I strongly believe that there is NO link beetwen isotretonin and depression. The depression is acne related and it is no coinsidence that the depression occurs/hits you while the acne cleans up/has cleaned up. Many (ALOT) people cope farly well with their acne, but get serously depressed over redmarks/scars
  13. I do not think it is sexism. It is just the fact that (acne) scaring on girls isnt that common.
  14. Just have a good look at the nasial fold and the shadowing there. You have 50% improvment in shadowing there, too, but fraxial does nothing to the nasial fold - so it is just the different lightning. *sry* I can´t see any difference worth a few grand. If you look at shadowing around the eye it is the same, just not as obvious.
  15. Lightning is very inconsistent. The before pictures have hard lightning with shadows and the after pictures soft lightning with no visible shadowing... If you look closely, then you notice that every intended scar ist still visible, but looks shallower due to lightning and perhaps make-up. WoW