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  1. Yes, the word is goggles (or "those little sunglasses type things"). I didn't know the word in english so I googled for a translater and came up with that bullshit word. I need to take another english course.
  2. Dirk Benedict ("Face" from "The A-Team") had acne. He was the playboy from the show, so that should give us hope. Some episodes you can still see scars (not too much).
  3. Before I start, just an update on my progress: A while back I came on these boards. I had been suffering from acne for sixteen years and I finally found a cure for my acne (hence the nick). I drank lemon juice etc. I explained it all in previous posts, so I wont do it again. Sadly, a while ago my stomach couldn't handle the lemons any more (should've seen that one coming). Anyway, I stopped and... the acne came back. Now about the H&S shampoo. A few weeks ago I read on a bodybuilding boar
  4. souvenir, My situation is similar to yours. I started taking SSRI's when I was only 16 years old. I had acne before the SSRI's, but it got worse when on the meds. Now, many, many years later, I am still taking them, and I have to follow a strict regimen to supress the acne. So, maybe SSRI's aggrevate acne, who knows. I wouldn't recommend SSRI's to anyone, unless absolutely necessary. They do not help a 100% and they are notorious for having certain side effects: weight gain, extreme tiredness,
  5. Do the lemons increase or decrease thyroid activity ?
  6. No, I dont know about cold hands and feet, I never had them either. I'm just a selfproclaimed expert on dietary supplements.
  7. Where did you find that information? Ginkgo biloba (a herb) helps with that. You can find it in any health food store.
  8. Yes, I do. Never change a winning team. Two before breakfast, one or two before sleep. I saw improvements early on, but you have to give it time to become totally clear (like one or two months). Good luck !
  9. I have to go with KIDDDD on this one. I had moderate to (very) severe acne for one and a half decade and I got clear in one and a half month (eating lemons). Lemons were a miracle cure for me, it worked even better than Accutane. I don't think it is because lemons get rid of the toxics, but because their alkalizing effect. Anyway, it doesn't matter, I'm just happy to be clear. I think KIDDDD is too. Olive_Leaf you have to squeeze the oranges in one of those things, I don't know the name in
  10. Lemons cleared me up but I'm feeling very tired lately. Think I'm gonna buy me some Iron tablets today
  11. The 80's were supercool ! So is 80's fashion. Damn it !
  12. Hey KIDDDD, I see the lemons are working Can you stand drinking them str8 ? Ok, now I'm gonna drink 'em str8 2 ! Like you said, you can almost see the zits vanashing. Are you clear already ? One caution for you folks out there: DRINK WITH A STRAW !
  13. You doubleclick their names and go to information - gallery. Some people here are very beautiful. By the way, didnt know that spice chick had acne too.
  14. I'm not gay but you look good to me. You got that macho look. Lots of girls who go for that.
  15. Well, that's not something I'd ever say to a woman (I'm kinda oldfashioned) but I must say you do look beautiful. After that "piece of ass" comment I got curious and searched your gallery - forgive me. Dont laugh now, but you look like a cross between Angelina Jolie and Kylie Minogue. If guys never approach you it's probably because they think you're "out of reach". What's your regimen ? How did you get clear ?