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Picture Comments posted by juno2610

  1. hey mate i really don't know what to say ....just know to wish you a luck

    since i have my acne i been in this site about 1 year already , the time has gone so fast and a good thing is iam seeing so many people use accutane they got amazing results.after 3or 4 months..and anyone body system is different, it has to take a little more time for accutane to kill , fight, destroy those stupid acne...just keep thinking that you will be clear one day soon . yeah i ever pick at those acne it'll scar your face .ok good luck... :D

  2. some time ii think acne is so stupid and why is acne on the face ...duhu hey star can you try to not put make up on for 1 month ..i know you used to wear it whenever you go out but and i know it's so hard for you with out make up ...the reason i saying this because i think the make up make those acne worse .

    yeah you are right iam so sick of acne tooo

  3. I'm hopeful that it will work but it may take 5-6 treatments before the scars are totally filled in.

    I've noticed several of the deeper scars have filled in some already and several of the small scars I did are completely gone(mind you these were very small shallow ones) so I definitely feel better about that. ;)

    I will continue to post pic updates every few days.

    great!!!! this is so encouraging, please keep us post.

    thanks...hope you will get the best result as soon as chrismas coming......... :D:D

  4. can you plz tell me did you feel any better after you did that cross thing on those scars...because my scars is similar to your...iam kinda looking for something that really work for my..you know i mean. anyways thanks...

  5. ;) i think that you doing pretty good by the way...yup not lying at all.......................................

    remember that we all here to help you out...yeah and one more good news for you that i don't see any scar on your face ..... :D