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  1. i did the 30% glyco;ic peel last week my face peel off like crazy but when all de shitz came off my skin is much fesher and smoohter .. iam happy remember that was only my 1st
  2. i just doned my second 30% ga peel lastnight ...i leaved it on the 6:30 minutes i got a liittle of the burning feeling , and redness but everything went fine this time nothing like my first peel , it burned my face like hell even know i only leaved it on for 5 minutes , it made my face looked like shit ...and all brown scab and like (when u cut urself ur scars dried up) that how it was like but after 3 dayz later those scabs and flaking start falling out when i tried rub bit off for a little
  3. don't worry bro ..!! i promise u that ur skin will feel better and look better cauze i did my 1st peel like 6 dayz ago ,,but i feel so much better already i leaved the peel on like for 5 minutes it burned me like hell ( i know i shouldn't leave it on for that long since that was my first ) the second day my skin was ugly red and dark 3th day ..it become brown ( it like when u cut urself when ur scar dried up) with brown stuff i was freaked out ...cauze my skin looked rlly rlly gross..and dry
  4. i been looking for a good doctor for acne scarring...that does subciosion or punch technique in dallas .tx but i don't know where to go ...plz if u know let me know
  5. haha ..to be honest i have'nt have sex in 2 month ...my skin has been improve a lot since that...i meant a lot..no more acne coming back..like it used to be..iam so happy with my skin right now
  6. this is just my personal experiences ,this is what i think it will happen to me after i masturbate, , because i used to do it like everyday, or sometime twice a day.like whenever i got a good grade in school ....then i do more....i really think that masterbation is really really bad my my skin, i mean for my whole overall face , because after i just masturbated, i immediatly see dark circles under both of my eyes, which is really bad....plus acne is more to the next day.. i did not realized th
  7. iam planning to have something sort of subcision, fat transfer or excision for my deep and shollow scars in my area (dallas.tx). but i don't know any plastic surgeon that do best job for it....please please let me know if you guys know some best doctors for acne scar.........................................i'll be really appreciate that....thanks..
  8. hey mate i really don't know what to say ....just know to wish you a luck since i have my acne i been in this site about 1 year already , the time has gone so fast and a good thing is iam seeing so many people use accutane they got amazing results.after 3or 4 months..and anyone body system is different, it has to take a little more time for accutane to kill , fight, destroy those stupid acne...just keep thinking that you will be clear one day soon . yeah i ever pick at those acne it'll scar
  9. hey i even think give up ....i know we all in here can do it......ya can do it too goood luck....
  10. juno2610

    Day 76

    wow that 's so awsome result ...i think sometime you must look at the first day it will make you feel happier........yeah keep going
  11. juno2610

    Day 89

    some time ii think acne is so stupid and why is acne on the face ...duhu hey star can you try to not put make up on for 1 month ..i know you used to wear it whenever you go out but and i know it's so hard for you with out make up ...the reason i saying this because i think the make up make those acne worse . yeah you are right iam so sick of acne tooo
  12. hey tina you are so so so close to your goal (perfect skin) is it it ????? happpy for you
  13. i wondering how old are you , you look very young for me and you got a great result ...i wish my derm prescribe accutane for me like you
  14. juno2610

    Day 46

    i been following your progress everday ,,,and seeing getting better everyday too....you are nice looking one
  15. hey what 's up guy i just wondering how your skin doing right now.but i just look at your pics i think your skin does'nt look bad at all you just got the acne in the forehead area. and there is no scar .. u must be happy about that . yeah 2 day ago 2/17 that was the first time i went to see my derm , the conversation between me and my derm was like enough 3 minutes . but i asked him to but me on acccutane ...he just told me a bunch of stuff llike you need to use some regular medicine first...and
  16. ok here is my story , especialy for all the people thinking gonna give proactive a try i used to have mild acne before use it but it"not that bad at all , went to the mall and bought the first set. when i first use it i think the proactive could handle my acne, after 1 month everything stop stop and my face became broken out like crazy , and supersuper dry , peeling also , at that time i was so freaking stress out , just don't want to go out any more . it'was so horrible , awful ,,i was
  17. oh my god .....that's is really work for you...man flattering skin but i think the time will take all the red marks soon....happy sweety v-day keep going ...and the stronger you stay the better result you get...remember drink more water it' good for skin ...
  18. juno2610

    Day 28

    hey girl ...much improvement i see let go for party girl.......
  19. thanks for both of you that rely ...hey kanmy i just went to the website alkek.com that you gave me ...i couldn't see anything about fraxel laser for scar on his site ...are you sure that he does the fraxel laser ...but one thing iam pretty sure iam not going to drive over way to fort worth if i do i must be really stupid...heheh I know one that does it in Dallas, and one in Fort Worth. I guess I'll give you the one in Dallas. David Alkek is his name. http://alkek.com that's his website
  20. does anyone know any dermatologists do the fraxel treatment for the scarring around frisco or plano.taxes ??????? plz plz please let me know because i couldn't find it
  21. juno2610


    i think my scars is worse thaan your...scar are the most stupid thing in the world , have you ever done with any kind of scar treatment before........
  22. juno2610

    minimal scars

    [ your skin will look muchmuch better if the redness is gone...but i see a big different in your pics...it's such as a something real successful from you ...happy for yu claud..feliz navida
  23. [yup i think that's stupid too.pretty sure that i won't come back to do that in her store ashly their service is bad ...i think so....
  24. after i useed to had major acne in last summer ...and i got the acne laser treatment done but the only thing that made me feel so nervous is my skin is ended up with bad scarring . i also had some bigger scars ( i guess those are ice pick or rolling ) that i got from the past .(chicken pox0/ .....oh yeah that my dermatologist that she told me to get the combination of 3 microdermbrasion and 7 chemical peels. but iam stilll thinking about that . because i have no idea is it gonna help o
  25. i am so fucking hate proactiv ...i don't know at the begining that i used it i felt like it's work for me..but right now that i think proactiv is a skin killer...you know what i means....