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  1. im still unsure/waiting to see how it affects my other scarring, but can honestly say that patches of rough hypertophic scarring have been noticeably improved thanks to the iodine application..
  2. here are pics of that fully regenerated mouse tooth BRD was talking about: http://www.pinktentacle.com/2009/08/bioeng...ed-mouse-tooth/
  3. http://www.realitysandwich.com/mice_skin "Skin cells have been reprogramed into cells capable of growing into living, breathing mice. The induced pliripotent stem cells (or IPS cells) used in the study are similar to embryonic stem cells, which have the ability to become any type of tissue in the body, giving scientists and doctors hope of re-growing lost limbs and growing new organs for transplant. Although the early results for IPS cells have been promising, there are still many unanswered
  4. if they discovered the technology for free energy, teleportation, and other science fiction-y stuff (yet science fact) which evidently EXISTS then how on earth could we *not* figure out a way to fix scars COMPLETELY?!??! (u can skip to 37 min mark..) http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1874942
  5. this looks promising http://www.realitysandwich.com/salamander_regeneration "The study raises new possibilities for replacing lost or diseased tissue in humans."
  6. depression. it eats away @ur soul. i been there too (what u said is disturbingly familiar.. i guess depressed ppl's experiences aren't so original afterall) please get help, trust me, you will thank yourself later. all the best to you
  7. pshh, you beat me to it! i caught this yesterday and was just about to post! the thing i found uplifting about their story is that they have each other to empathize with and lean on for support.. too often we deal w/these struggles on our own and what's worse, is we further alienate ourselves from others in the process.. but they've got their own cool clique going on! The fact that all 3 of them were affected, and are in it together (strength in numbers) is strangely comforting. Maybe it's beca
  8. So what if your skin isn't perfect.. there are many people out there with *flawless* complexions yet are nothing special to look at! (no offense to them) You, however, are BEAUTIFUL.. Own it!
  9. Learn meditation. You can start by dismissing any negative eruptions of thought. If you do make an involuntary judgment, just drop it, don't berate yourself or continue with that line of thinking. That will only cause you to dwell on the issue longer, strengthening its control over you. Instead, your aim is to weaken these unwanted nerve connections in your brain, and eventually your brain will discard them altogether from disuse. With enough practice, you will be able to reprogram your thought
  10. Truly appalling. People like that are disgusting and most likely living in their own personal hell. To deliberately put you down like that reflects something seriously "wrong" w/THEM.. psychologically, morally & spiritually.. much less your face! Id take mere surface flaws any day over the deep ugliness imprinted on one's soul.
  11. My advice is to leave 'em be!! You have awesomee skin tone that I could only dream of.. making any imperfection virtually invisible on you. I've worsened 1/2 of my scars while improving the other half which leaves me no better than when I started lol.. and with a ruddier complexion. It's such a gamble that you seriously do not need to take.. You look good! Get outta here
  12. --I'm with you on that Peepotterypete What you wrote made me think of something I read the other day: "In my opinion, the stakes are too high in today's world to crawl into a cave and retreat until the dust settles. Like Mahatma Ghandi and other spiritual leaders who became political figures, we can be effective members of community and keep our spiritual experience intact. The key is surrender to that which we cannot control, and to continue to grow as individuals with the personal power to
  13. I would not use dermarolling on your hypertrophic scarring. I know from experience. And steroid injections have improved mine before. Sometimes it takes multiple injections to see full results. Best of luck.
  14. I think that's a faint type of hypertrophic scarring in reaction to your treatments.. and can improve over time. Azalaic acid cream and Retin-A have helped smooth the appearance of mine. Also, in the places where I have this, needling has only aggravated it more.. as have many other things. For this reason, I would lay off ALL of those treatments you mentioned, ninjazx, so that you can give it a chance to heal naturally.
  15. HEY! just caught ur wall comment.. and that "dont give a bleep" video--HAHAH that one is grrrrreat

    betta see you online soon jigga :)