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  1. It does take a while for the scars to fade. As someone earlier suggested try using something which promotes shedding (vinegar, neutrogina multi-vitamin face lotion, etc). I had dark spots too and after my skin cleared up, it took 2 months for them to start fading away; although I can still see them, they're definitely a lot less noticeable.
  2. Michelle, have you ever considered going back to bp to rid of the acne rosacea? I also agree with dan that you can't blame it on a single culprit. It's not too surprising that dermatologists blamed the bp, they gotta blame it on something. How long after you stopped using bp did you notice your skin getting worse? Do you think it could be more due to exposure to sun?
  3. I used to have family members complaining about the stench. I realized that it was the cotton swabs that were stinking up my bathroom. I suggest washing the cotton swab full of water before you throw them in the trash can to dilute the vinegar.
  4. This is disturbing, here's my question though. If you apply sun lotion to your skin, will it prevent aging? Because if atleast does that, then I think it's worth the trouble of rubbing it on. It seems that from this article, it implies that your risk of skin cancer increases because of the false assumption of longer sun exposure, but no mention of skin aging.
  5. When I started using this I broke out, mainly because it got to the bacteria underneath my skin and made it come to the surface. After 2 weeks though, my complexion definitely improved. And now after 2 months (i think), my pits have improved by around 50-70%. I wouldn't normally post this, but because no one else posting their updates, people might think that this method is a cruel joke to make you smell like an old sock.
  6. how itchy does it get? because you might be applying too much on. My brother did that once, and he wanted to tear his face off since it was so itchy.
  7. Limes have significantly less vitamin c than lemon. They're pretty much the same I would think, except the amount of vitamin c in each fruit. I wouldn't know if it would work as well as lemons though.
  8. just wanted to bump this topic, since it's helped with my scars and acne. I'm hoping someone new will try this for their pits.
  9. bah... i just answered a vit c question for mickey in one of the other posts. Anyways, from what I learned from my professor. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement every single day is generally not a good idea. A lot of them these days are 100% of the RDA value for vitamins and minerals. The RDA is somewhat false, because the 100% value is well above the needs of an average individuals so that everyone is getting the amount they need. Elderly people, for example, might need more calcium supple
  10. Hi, i'm not maya but I took a nutrition class and thought I might be of some help. From what my professor taught us, the RDA is above what the average person needs for his daily allowance. Since some people need a vitamin or mineral more than another (such as calicum) they raised the recommendation levels so everyone is getting the amount needed. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement generally is not a good idea, because it contains 100% of what you need in all the categories (which is most lik
  11. I started using organic apple cider vinegar about 3 weeks ago, and my skin has definitely been showing improvement. Initially it caused me to break out, but I think it's because it brings all the bacteria to the surface. Maya's right though, it acts great as an exfoliant. It's just too bad my bathroom and face smells like an old dirty sock .