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  1. Good luck! The breakout's going to happen, and there isn't a lot you can do about that. Drinking lots of water is supposed to help but didn't try that myself. Water = many trips to the washroom. Start moistrizing right away, you won't feel like you need it for a while but it's easier to start now than to turn into a desert later and then try to fix it. Same with your lips... once they're dry it's really hard to get them nice and moistrized again. Emu oil works pretty well to help reduce the redn
  2. Hey! You seemed to have started shortly after me on accutane... And it doesn't sound like you've been having a whole lot of fun either. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel and we will get through all this and come out with clear skin! How severe are the nosebleeds you're getting? I've had a few tiny tiny ones, nothing to worry about but just wondering what other people's are like. Good luck! I hope things start turning up for you soon, maybe we'll both have nothing active left before Ch
  3. CONGRATS! I'm so glad that accutane worked for you. It's great to read about when people finish their treatment, gives me so much hope during the long rocky road of accutane. Any advice? Or products that you found really helped?
  4. I noticed a huge decline in cravings and just general appetite too. I've lost 6 pounds in 24 days on accutane which is a bit of a worry, 5'4" and 111 pounds. Thankfully my derm doesn't know my exact weight (she wants it for my next visit) so she wont have anything to compare it too and she won't know I've lost weight. If you're loosing weight, your derm might consider taking you off so it's worth forcing yourself to eat 3 square meals a day, plus you need the fat to absorb the accutane.
  5. I hope you do get accutane, it sounds like your skin doesn't like oil so the reduction in oil should do you wonders. I started accutane almost a month ago and even now my face isn't half as shiny (with oil) as it used to be. Is your skin generally pretty oily? Anyways, good luck, keep us posted.
  6. Accutane seems to make you break out in places you didn't used to. Like my cheeks used to be pretty good for the most part but now they're the focus as well as my forehead, another former clear zone. You're super lucky that your lips aren't super chapped yet! Within the first week my lips were bleeding and that was with LOADS of blistex on them! And with the blackheads I'm having the same things happen. Though I've been removing them (Better than picking at zits right?) they seems to keep coming
  7. DAY 24) Haven't posted in a while... Mostly because of all the drama going on. Not sure if it is related to accutane at all, not going to go blaming the accutane because of all the hype it gets on affecting moods. But anywhich way, I've had a couple pretty terrible fights with various people. Don't even know why... it's been odd. Wouldn't generally happen but I have been feeling low because it just seemed like my face was getting worse and worse and worse. Right now I only have 1 active pimple w
  8. So happy that accutane's doing it's job, again, for you. I'm on my 14th day so finally hit the 2 week mark. You seem to be having a really easy go with it right now, is that true also for your first experience? I know for me I've had a terrible two weeks just feeling so ugly with pimples all over. 3 coming in at the moment. Argh! And so far at least 2-3 every day. I know that there's always the initial breakout but I can't help feeling discouraged. So in short, any advice for the next 3 1/2 mont
  9. I totally get how you feel. By the time you get on accutane you've pretty much tried everything else in the books and it's your final hope. People are right, you might not clear up until after you're done your course of accutane, or you may just need some more time on it so really talk to your derm and see what they think. And I know it sounds corny... but people like you for who you are. Not how many zits are on you. And anyone that is shallow enough not to see the people behind the acne, isn't
  10. Hey! I just started accutane 2 weeks ago (seems like yesterday) and though my acne isn't as severe as yours pretty much have been going through the same things you have in your first two weeks. I'm assuming you're a rider from your picture and your hay incident. I'm glad that things are looking up for you. Acne is hell on earth for sure. How's the polysporin working out for you? I found when I used it as a spot treatment it did get the zit to go away but then a couple more came up around the ini
  11. DAY 14) Face is looking slightly better. No more rudolph! That involved a lot of work though. Scratched the surface with a (sterilized) pin and then put pb and polysporin on it. That really made it go down in size which was great. Then some emu oil this morning soothed it and made it less gross looking. I only have two others pimples besides the nose one and they're both just really red but going away. My goal was to have semi-clear skin for this weekend, have a special vistor coming and didn't
  12. I love the emu oil. I started using it a couple of weeks before Tane and it wasn't causing breakouts....so I know it is working good for me. As far as moisturizing....I find that it isn't quite as moisturizing as I need while on Tane. At bedtime I slather it on thicker and then sometimes put Cetaphil Cream on top of it. But I do believe it is healing. I have heard though that some of the emu oils that aren't as pure don't work as well for some. I got mine at www.emuranch.com but they sell
  13. Hey! I read that you were using emu oil, I have some stashed away that I had tried before when I was on my "all natural" beat acne kick, really didn't work and I was figuring maybe it was bad for your skin despite all it's promises of helping beat the infection and reduce redness etc. etc. I'm assuming you're finding this isn't true, but I just needed a bit of clarification. And how moistrizing is it? Thanks a million, good luck!
  14. DAY 13) I know I said that I wouldn't be posting every day but... I could've leave well enough alone. Had to poke and prod at my nose for a good 10 minutes and accomplished nothing but making myself look even more like rudolph than before. The pimple isn't big but just the area on the nose since the skin's so tight looks huge and it's right at the tip. Oh man, if it starts glowing in the dark... then I'll really have something to complain about. Wondering if the accutane is affecting my mood...