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  1. I use it. It doesn't break me out or dry my skin out...but it feels weird. For me, it's a keeper.
  2. It will bleach your clothes. You can try wearing a white undershirt so your nice clothes won't get bleached...or use a cleanser (like Clean and clear) with BP in it. My shoulders always breakout in the winter...I think it's the clothes I pile on to stay warm!
  3. I do. I use both the scrub and the BP cleanser in twice a day. I have had no trouble with irritation or dryness. I am totally in love with my moisturizer - and I do notice if I wait too long between washing and applying my moisturizer that my skin feels a bit tight. So, I would highly suggest using a good moisturizer that doesn't break you out if you use the products twice a day. I'm a girl, so here's my routine: morning: SA wash BP wash moisturizer night: remo
  4. Not that I have used any of these...just did a quick search at drugstore.com. Jason Natural Cosmetics and Kiss My Face both have ester c facial care products...not sure about the acids you need...
  5. You may try dermablend. It's waterproof - so you can sweat and not have it running down your face or getting shiny on you. It's kinda expensive, but will last you forever. I know you can get it on the internet...but a color match might be hard to find unless you go to a store and experiment. If you'd rather not do that, see if you can order samples so you can find your shade before for buya full size jar. Also, being a man, you want an exact match...not a shade lighter than your skin as
  6. forgot to mention: The only negative I have noticed with this regimen is that when I get the products in my hairline, I get MAJOR peeling. Looks like an awful case of dandruff! #-o So, steer clear of saturating your hair line...
  7. Circle - Yes, my skin has always been very sensitive. When I was younger it was much oilier (I had to have spelled that wrong...looks funny). But once I hit about 25 it started getting dry on my cheeks and normal, instead of oily, in my T zone. Oddly enough, my major breakouts were always on my cheeks and so is where my scars are starting to pop up. I tried the Acne Cure just prior to using this regimen...so my skin was already getting pretty tough. This regimen is MUCH more mild than
  8. I've been on this regimen a while...almost 3 months, I think??? I'm on my 3rd set of products anyway. My skin looks better. / I'd say about 98% clear, with monthly breakouts of course - I'm a girl. O:) But even those are smaller than usual and clear up faster. I also wanted to suggest a moisturizer: Archipelago...see the full name in my signature as I forget what it is right now. Anyway, it's not at all greasy and hasn't broken me out at all. (Be sure not to get their face cream...not g
  9. I have one. It didn't do much for me. Left my face red and got some "stuff" the first time I used it...but looking in the mirror after I got done, I still had blackheads.
  10. Great topic! I tried the diet approach 1st...no go. Then topicals...no go... Here's the combo that has worked 98% for me: 1- cleansed and flushed liver 2- started hormone therapy to reduce estrogen level (had many other problems due to too much estrogen) 3- modified diet 4- botchla's regimen I think diet plays a HUGE role in the proper functioning of all bodily organs, including the largest organ - the skin. I believe a faulty diet contributed to my hormo
  11. I tried it and liked the coverage...but got serious blackheads. I second the vote on Revlon color stay...great coverage and will not rub off! (Comes off easily with cleanser though...and no blackheads or breakouts at all! I've been using it for about 2 months or so...)
  12. I think it's more of a healing agent than a hydrating one...I could be wrong. If it doesn't irritate your skin, I'd keep on using it.
  13. Yes...sometimes they turn into pimples and sometimes the just fade...not sure what to do about them. But you aren't alone!
  14. being a girl, I rub it in to remove my make up...I usually massage my face GENTLY for about 45 seconds- 1 minute and rinse.
  15. I bought this e-book a long time ago. VERY informative. It set me on the path to liver flushes and cleanses...which have done WONDERS for my health and my skin. curezone.com is a great place to gather info on those topics. Between this e-book, the flushes, and botchla's regimen, my skin is 99.5% clear with only minor monthly breakouts (1-2 pimples) during PMS. I'd say it's certainly worth a try...especially since a great deal of the info has been provided here for free. OH also, the