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  1. and that Whitehouse thing! i havent laughed so hard in ages!
  2. i think that jerking off more does give me personally more acne(hormonal acne), due to the same hormone reason. porn stars dont have acne because theyve finished puberty so no crazy hormones there. and as we all know some people just dont get acne, so they can wank forever and not get a pimple, everyones different.
  3. hey i havnt done anything in a couple days i already think its lookin smooth, my skin is more alive than normal. im no scientist dude but surely hormonal acne must be linked to your wankometer?
  4. lol i was totally won over by your speech sweetjade. i definitely have hormonal acne, ive heard hormonal acne focuses on the jawline and that precisely what i have, plus im 15 so that would make sense eh. and unfortunately the only thing benzoyl peroxide could do for me was give me some cool blond streaks on my already blond hair. but anyways ive recently started the 2 litres of water a day thing, n banished my smoky bacon crisps from my lunchbox and replaced them with your average apple. i
  5. if it wasnt for scars i would have only 5 spots on my face right now, but iv got scars symetrically up both sides of my face. i could cope with the acne im getting, not usually more than 5 spots, if only the scars were gone, so this taping thing, how effective is it? im very interested, cos it just sounds so easy n v cheap. plus vinegar makes me puke up blegh. do u tape over present acne? n how much taping should you actually do?
  6. was i the only person who looked at the subject of this thread n think 'nostrils??'
  7. yeh i read that too on the oxy on-the-spot n was wondering why n if it matters anyway. any chance you could reply to this thread, Dan?
  8. ive just finished 2 weeks on the regimen and in the past two days i have had 6 new spots. they are all the kind that are sort of lump under the skin first, then they grow and then make a big red mound that you cant pop (i dont know any technical names). i haven't had any other breakouts since i started, any reason for this sudden burst? they go from my left cheek across my under-nose and chin, and onto my right cheek. ive always been one for leaning on my face through the course of the day unco
  9. i use oxy on-the-spot, seems to be the only one here in the uk. and the first day wasnt really sore at all for me, you might be different?
  10. Day 1: No change, but face bright red Day 2: Still pretty much the same, only couple new spots. Red Day 3: Pretty sure spots aren't as blatant, face incredibly sore last night, stinging Day 4: Got worse, and had red crusty bits under my mouth.. last nite less painful Day 5: Spots starting to clear, even got a comment on it from a mate. Face still quite sore, and starting to dry out and flake (first signs of this) Day 6: Face still sore, but starting to believe there's a good pos
  11. yeh you're in almost precisely the same position as me. I'm on Day 6 though, and am pretty sure thigns are getting better
  12. i always try to look in every mirror as possible to see if things are actually better than i thought they were in my head. guess im just looking for a confidence boost, but a lot of the time its the same as ever. im not sure what you meant, Uruk, about the car windows. i always find that in car windows i look completely clear, i love them! when i see someone else with acne im overjoyed and always try to convince myself that theirs is worse than mine...
  13. the almost same happened again last night but this time i got to sleep at 3am so maybe my growing more used to the stuff can be measured in hours. i have found that theres very sore red patches on my skin, making it very hard to smile
  14. i started dans regimen on friday night (3 days ago) and all was fine until after applying the BP last night. i couldnt get to sleep until 5am due to my face actually going crazy. i was desperate to like get a brillo pad and itch my face to stop it from burning. i know its supposed to go away in a week or so, but by the end of that week im going to be absolutely shattered. i only applied half a finger length too. anyone elses itches as vicious?