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  1. Uhh...my insurance covered minocycline and differin 100%, you think ittl cover accutane 100% also?
  2. I live in canada and have health insurance, is accutane covered?
  3. pretty useless survey if you ask me. Its a gimme that WAY MORE ppl live in cities, so your gonna have mor epeople in cities with acne. find the acne %/100 000 or something, but I doubt you can do that
  4. are you dumb? your acne is the "worst" youve ever seen ? my acne is 3 times worse than urs was atits peak, id stab some1 to death for accutane.
  5. I might go somewhere this summer....salt water sea and I kno I shouldnt be spending too much time in the sun but how about siwmming in salt watter..WITH accutane? is that ok?
  6. is this ok to use while on accutane?
  7. Hey man its great to hear its working out for you. Im gonna start accutane in a few weeks, but im still worried aout the initial breakout. Do you have any pics of your acne then or now just so I can compare it to mine (almost severe, but no cysts). Good luck
  8. THATS WHAT YOU CALL AN INITIAL BREAKOUT????????dude im tellin my derm the hell with mino i want accutane NOWWWWW.......ive been scared of the inital breakout this whole time
  9. I work in a brewery and I use the yeast all the time. I think its safe to say that the yeast is over 99% dissipated in drinking alcohol, in other words, theres no yeast in drinking alcohol.
  10. I hope Clinton dies of a long and painful heartattack (if thats possible). He is responsible for my dead cousins in Serbia, by conving NATO to do a pointless bombing against a country fighting al-aeda. BTW, he lied to the whole country by claiming he didnt sleep with the secretary, how can he be a good president? probably one of the worst if you ask me.
  11. Ok its been a month and none of them have gone away. If anything, they stand out even more now...any1 got any tips?
  12. If i get 100% clear from mino (besides redmarks) and the day i stop taking mono i take accutane,, will this drastically lower the chances of getting purging and that shit? Im hesitant on accutane because people say your face will get worse for about 2 months...