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  1. Hi everybody! I've been searching the forum for some more information about the egg white mask, with bad results.. Can anyone show me a egg white mask-faq if it's already been made at the message board here? I want to know more about how to use it, how often, how it works etc. Thanks!
  2. Hi! Could I use Alpha hydroxy acid when using blue/red light treatment?
  3. Hi all! Just got my Beautyskin lamp today. Bought it because I allways tend to clear up my skin during summertime, so I thought I would give the lamp a try. Really looking forward to getting clear skin again ) I am just curious, is the timer on the Beautyskin supposed to be so noisy, or is it something wrong my lamp? It makes this horrible sound when I turn it on.. "spider" Norway
  4. Hei! Noen fra Norge som har bestilt Dans gelè og cleanser? I så fall, hvordan var det med betaling, overføring etc? Hvor dyrt også, inkludert toll, moms?
  5. What about shaving? Should I do it before or after the soaking?
  6. Hehe! Seems like everybody's going to try it! So will I tonight :D
  7. As a scandinavian, I would say that there are very few who eat like that
  8. Which antibiotic is the best: Tetracycline, Doxycycline or Monocycline?
  9. OK. I've been on this regimen for a month soon. And I'm still very red in my face!! Almost like this (but without the hearts.. ) What should I do?