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  1. I have spoken twice to ipledge operators. there's no way around it.
  2. I'm 3 months into my 40mg, completely clear by 2nd month, and my derm basically transferred my account to her new clinic after she decided to stop working at the old one. I tried to log onto ipledge today and it didn't work. I called and found out the old clinic had cancelled my account instead of transferring it. now i have to wait 30 days and go through the whole 2 blood test thing AGAIN! this is impossible. The nurse said she left a note for my derm. but i'm infuriated. I feel so helpless.
  3. DAY 42 So a month and 12 days....i finally saw my derm and she couldnt believe my results. There was a practice med student with her and my derm exclaimed to her "She's my miracle patient!" I'm so happy. Basically she continued my dosage of 40mg for the rest of the month. Fine with me. On Thursday i'm getting a facial and a haircut. After my visit to the derm, i feel confirmed that i'm getting there. I feel so refreshed and i feel like a new person.
  4. Hi! Thanks for coming by my log. I use morning and night Bioelements Decongestant Cleanser, I use Jojoba oil after I cleanse and that's it. If my skin feels dry even after the oil, i put Bioelements Jet travel which is a serum that is great for dehydrated skin. I use tea tree oil to treat if i have anything inflamed. But none at the moment. I use Becca liquid foundation and concealer and also urban decay mineral foundation. It's great for red marks. Oh and I also get monthly facials with ex
  5. DAY 38 So far, nothing major is happening....just a couple of whiteheads getting infected when i was on my trip.....a little flaking...but nothing major cos I use jojoba oil which is GREAT. Now the skin on my face is spotless....just redness, red marks and tiny ice pick scars. it's WEIRD though, cos i think I have the Tane rash on my hands and arms....dry patches...some have tiny red dots, or milia looking tiny clogged pores. I put some cortisone on it, which seems to help. I feel great on Ac
  6. Thanks guys! I just realised I had a beer last night at dinner! I should wait until tomorrow to get my blood tested right? I'm SO stupid!
  7. I'm onto my 35th day now....I've been overseas and just came back. I am about to get my bloodwork done, but remembered something about having to take the blood test within 1st 5 days of my period(which is bad, cos i'm not on my period yet). Is this true? Also, I do the blood test first, then i do the quiz on ipledge right? Please help me out! I'm so confused.
  8. DAY 25 My throat occassionally hurts, but it's not too bad...don't feel as parched ALL the time...lips are swollen but cute . ha! Skin-wise, little whiteheads are appearing, become pustules but go...at the moment 3 tiny ones were bothering me...other than that....just red marks and tiny scars.... Just got a spray tanned....hopefully it will put me in a more happy mood when i see my parents for the first time since my breakout.....we are meeting up in Thailand....sucks i have to avoid the su
  9. Day 17 Really nothing major has happened....i just got TINY little pustules...maybe three on my chin before i got my period....so I was pleasantly surprised. Just a bit of flaky skin around the nose (been blowing on it all day cos of a cold), and around my lips...my lips are DRY! But i feel great, and my skin is improving.
  10. I'm curious about the no steaming bit as well! I think the redness also depends on how sensitive your skin is. Now that i'm on Accutane, it takes a day for me to heal completely and my esthetician is extremely gently....but i still get a lot of redness and some bumps which disappear after a day. Sometimes they even schedule another compliementary session like for 20 or 30 mins to extract the rest of the gunk that didnt come out the first session. And i find my skin texture so much better aft
  11. Just had a facial...excited....but my throat hurts...cold weather or accutane? who knows? DAY 10 Exhausted, but content.....after facial...everything is flat....very red though....prospect of getting a spray tan before my trip to thailand is exciting. hurray.
  12. DAY 9 Again, things are progressing nicely.....all my pimples have flattened and reduce....redness is still bothering me, but i am ecstatic. I have a clinical facial tomorrow and i can't wait for my favourtie esthetician to see how much my skin has improved! We had been fighting this intense acne for months!!
  13. DAY 8 So things are continuing to improve...i'm bummed out about how red some of the marks are after the zit is gone....but oh well....the cyst is still getting smaller...but these two pimples on my cheekbone...i couldn't resist and squeezed....one i got most of the stuff out, the other i failed miserably....oh well....it looks fine with concealer so....yay
  14. I paid 10 bucks for 2 months worth of Claravis (long story)....i can't believe the difference!