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  1. I would not say my stress is through the roof, but sadly my primary stress is a result of my acne. Hopefully I have not feed into a negative feedback loop of breakouts Not sure if this is a result of stress or not, but I have noticed that when I was almost clear on the Regimen the seldom pimples I got tended to not be inflamed (few whiteheads that would surface here and there, but not noticeable). However, in the past 3 month, while still on the Regimen, the onslaught of breakouts I get are
  2. Hi Everyone, Just to provide a little background on me; I am a 24 year old male with light-moderate acne. I have tried numerous acne treatments, dermatologist prescribed as well, excluding Accutane, and nothing has seemed to work as well as the Regimen, however, after 1 year of almost clear skin with the Regimen, I now have acne reemerging, which has been persisting for the past 3 months (about 4-5 pimples a week). This has been a struggle for me because I can not isolate what is exactl