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  1. I have had Smoothbeam done, and it does really help both active lesions and marks. I did Fotofacial also which helps out scars and marks, but does little for active breakouts. Hi I'm actually scheduled for a smoothbeam this Friday and really apprehensive yet excited at what it can do to improve my pores/red scars. How many smoothbeams have you done to notice any results? Can you post a before and after picture? I'll report back after I had my smoothbeam as theres alot of talk here that smoo
  2. I'm actually scheduled for a smooth beam laser later this week. It's my first treatment and i'm actually quite apprehensive. Actually my scars are really different from most here as i have alot of 'underlying' problems like red scars that have been ard for over 5 years, not those hyperpigmentations after an acne type. I'm on glycolic peel but as my skin is quite sensitive I only use them once every 2 days and its effect is minimal.
  3. Alot has been said about box, pitted, ice-pick scars, which is actually a result of loss of tissue. However, dark red marks that have been present for over 5 years? I'm considered quite a fast healer and most of my minor acnes(with pus) will simmer down within a week and post acne marks will be gone within a year. However, there are these marks as the edge of the nose that has been present for over 8 years as a result of serious teenage acne . Together with blackheads and enlarged pores, it show
  4. yup I have to agree acne treatment is sometimes about chances. But its always better that you learn from other ppls experiences. I've read that if your complexion is already smooth and yours are underlying red scars/pigmentations or enlarged pores, chemical peels would make it worse. My logic is that the problem doesnt lie on the surface but deeper under the epidermis so stimulating collagen production would improve the skin on a deeper level. As such, I think the fraxel laser or smoothbeam lase
  5. Hi, I was wondering after your detox/colon/liver/probiotic sequence, did you feel that your sebum secretion decrease? If so, how oily was your complexion and how much has it changed? How do you get Skin Tonic from blessherbs? I went to their website and they dont seem to have that. Pls help!
  6. I'm sure alot of people here are affected by a combination of problems that might require different forms of treatment for optimal effectiveness. So what happens when you have 2 problems that overlap each other? Its been said that TCA will further worsen enlarge pores but is extremely effective on red scars (pigmentation). What happens if your enlarged pores problem is as bad as the red scars (i.e. it spreads from the nose area right across both cheeks). Everyone is free to put your expert opini