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  1. Wow, ZRT's is $400 and John Lee's is $255 but his kits are from ZRT. Called John Lee's toll-free number to ask if the kits are identical because I want to be sure I'm tested at different points of cycle. High call-volume so they asked to leave a message or send an email and then said they can't reply to all of them. Does anybody know if they are identical?
  2. How were you so successful in terms of choosing the correct treatment, e.g., cod liver oil? I've tried inositol and DIM and my acne didn't change at all. I haven't done a saliva test yet but I know I have hormonal imbalances. Debating on whether or not to see an integrative doctor. Cost prohibitive ($395 for 1.5 hours. I live in the Bay Area.) but don't want to waste time with trial and error.
  3. Is it necessary to wash one's face with cleanser after a sweaty workout? Is a rinse with water sufficient? There isn't a consensus on whether sweat contributes to acne on this forum. Some people notice a correlation between sweating and acne but I can't tell if it is a factor for me. Trying to figure out the cause of my acne right now. I know washing more than twice a day is excessive but if I'm wearing makeup and workout twice I'll end up washing with cleanser 4 times. 1. wake up 2. wash
  4. Online saliva hormone testing http://www.johnleemd.com/saliva-hormone-testing.html#321 http://www.zrtlab.com/
  5. Long-overdue update: Used inositol for at least 80 days (didn't record when I stopped). Dosage was correlated to body weight. Can't remember what website I got the equation from. Didn't notice any improvements. Took DIM (built up to 200 mg) for 4 months and stopped because acne wasn't getting better or worse. Looking into integrative doctors and food sensitives per the recommendation of WishClean. Hoping I won't have to eliminate carbs and sugar from my diet because I'll be going on an ext
  6. The same thing happens to me...when my drive is high, my skin looks worse. But now it seems like my sex drive has decreased since taking DIM, which is a good thing for me. It only gets high during ovulation and during my period. It's probably due to high testosterone, but it could also be due to low progesterone because if progesterone is low, other hormones are usually unusually high. DIM is listed as the strongest herbal anti androgen on sites like wikipedia and there are also a few studies
  7. No worries. I'll keep at it with the inositol. Is DIM safe to take if my estrogen & progesterone levels are normal? I can't remember where I read it on this forum but someone said it shouldn't be taken if you don't have issues with estrogen/progesterone.
  8. @WishClean I've been taking inositol (1095 mg) for 8 weeks now and haven't noticed any improvements with my acne. I have PCOS as well: elevated testosterone and DHEA-S. No insulin resistance, estradiol & progesterone levels are fine. Would you recommend trying another supplement? If so, which one? I know you've had success with adding DIM but it doesn't seem like I am estrogen dominant (basing this off of blood test results). As an aside, thank you for posting on this forum regularly an